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  • An amazingly talented actor. Can't wait till he's a star.

    I've seen Rhys Coiro in a few of his appearences and I have never been dissappointed. Most noteably, he did an amazing job in Entourage as Billy Walsh. For me, he was probably the most amazing and charismatic (if I may stretch) person on the show. I hope to see him some more on the show. He also did an amazing job in Ugly Betty as Vincent Bianchi, the very sought after photographer. Although he was not in the show that much, his performance was amazing. I've also seen him in both of the CSI's. Memorable performances. For anyone who is unfamiliar with Rhys Coiro, you have a lot to look forward too.
  • One of the most talented actors around in Hollywood today. Talk about being versatile, a changling if ever I saw one.

    This young man's performance as Zorbo Vishanisavik (a Russian baske-ball player who loves hip-hop, and had a thing for Flex's daughter Briana as well.)on the television show 'One on One' was a sight to behold. Funny and almost sexy as the same time, when he had the suit on that is. His career is growing by leaps and bounds and if it's any indication of what he did in that particular episode, he's getting off to a dog-gone good start, and made a believer out of me by what he did here. The actors must have been laughing themselves crazy after the saw the out-takes. Yep, I can't wait to see what he's up to next.
  • He's so serious

    Rhys Coiro is wonderful but who the heck wrote this bio? I was believing it until I read about the "dental sprain". I *almost* called my sister who's a dental assistant to ask her if she's ever heard of it.

    He's so serious in everything I've seen him in, especially LOOK and ORDER OF CHAOS, both of which I highly recommend. Can't wait to see his character 'The Russian' in MACGRUBER. And to think, STRAW DOGS (remake) won't be out until Fall 2011! Right now I'm watching him in Season 7 of 24 on Netflix streaming. I know he's in ENTOURAGE but I could never really get into that show. I was kinda disappointed when I saw THE UNBORN 'cause he's in that for only 1 scene. Be sure to check out is IMDB page at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1711052/
  • Rhys Coiro, An actor, part of a revolution.

    Rhys Coiro has been my inspiration for quite some time. During my visits to Argentina, I would here about his guy from my uncle. My uncle used to tell me how this \\\"Rhys, was someone I should meet, how he was quite the renassance man. He painted, acted, and was incredible basketball player, before his injury. I won\\\'t same much about the injury, all I know was taht Seikaly player is dirty. It isn\\\'t a coincedence that Rhys game is very similar to Kobes...they played in the same league, in Rieti, Italy. I also heard that he studied bullfighting with Benjamin Benitez, this dude on Wanted. I thought my uncle was shittn me, untill I watched entourage! It was crazy, I had seen few pictures of Rhys Coiro, and then, I was shocked that the man actually existed!
  • One of the most gifted young actors of his generation. A major star is in the making here.

    Rhys is one of the most gifted young actors of his generation. Especially considering that English isn't his native language and that he's only been in this country for a few years his uncanny portrayal of American characters is simply astonishing. On “Entourage” his darkly charismatic Billy Walsh emanates a dangerous, almost reptilian attractiveness. Take away the spot-on American accent from Billy Walsh though and you can sense the years Rhys spent carousing on the Argentine pampas glowing within like the still burning heart of a seemingly cool ember. Rhys is also a natural comic (his acting range is almost limitless – he even portrayed a singing nun once in an revival of the Sound of Music!). As the feckless Zorbo, on an otherwise forgettable “One on One” episode, he was able to be light and carefree and yet to simultaneously project a dark, secret reserve. An actor’s actor, Rhys made a brief appearance recently on the moribund “Six Feet Under” that pumped life into the episode, allowing the stars to say more than they had all season just by reacting to his character. This is an actor to watch. Since his release from jail (the result of his typically Latin response to an affair of honor) he has focused his concentration with renewed intensity on perfecting his craft. Add to that the important industry connections he undoubtedly has made as a member of the Hollywood Rotarians, it’s clear that a major star is in the making here.