Rhys Darby

Rhys Darby


3/21/1974, Auckland, New Zealand

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Rhys Darby


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Rhys knew he wanted to do comedy from an early age, as he liked making people laugh at school. He served in the New Zealand army for three years from 1991 to 1994 before attending university in 1995, becoming famous for a comedy sketch entitled Things Rhys canmore


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • The Guardian gave him the name 'The one-man special effect'.

    • At University in 1996 Rhys and comedian Grant Lobban formed the comedy duo 'Rhysently Granted' to entertain the University students, after much success and performing at two international comedy festivals they eventually split in 2001.

    • Rhy's favourite comedy club in New Zealand is situated in Auckland called The Classic Comedy and Bar.

    • Rhys appeared at the following festivals:

      Edinburgh comedy festival (2007),
      Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival (2007),
      Oddfellows New Zealand Comedy Festival (2006),
      Reading/Leeds Festival (2005),
      Cape Town Mentos Comedy Festival (2005),
      Oddfellows New Zealand Comedy Festival (2005),
      Montreal Comedy Festival (2005),
      Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2004),
      Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2003),
      New Zealand Fringe Festival (2002),
      Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2002),
      TV2 International Laugh! Festival (2002),
      Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2001),
      TV2 International Laugh! Festival (2001),
      TV2 International Laugh! Festival (2000),
      TV2 International Laugh! Festival (1999),
      TV2 International Laugh! Festival (1998).

    • Awards and Nominations:

      Kevin Smith Memorial Cup for International Achievement (2005),
      Billy T Award nomination (2002),
      Billy T Award nomination (2001),
      New Zealand Comedy Guild Best tour (2001),
      New Zealand Comedy Guild Best set recorded for TV (2001),
      Madcap UCSA Best Comedy Act (1998).

    • Rhys's television advertisement appearances: Dairylea Dunkers (2004), Toyota (2004), Mitsubishi (2001).

    • Rhys's heroes are New Zealand-born explorer and mountain climber Sir Edmund Hillary and the late Australian wildlife expert Steve Irwin.

    • Rhys is the founder of a comedy group known as the 'New Zealand Brat Pack' in 1999, which had three sell-out tours in 1999, 2000 and 2001. Other members are Tarun Mohanbhai, Chris Brian and Terry Frisby.

    • In the comedy business Rhys is known as 'The master of making stuff up'.

    • Rhys's favourite shows when growing up were Macgyver, The A-Team and The Greatest American Hero.

    • Rhys currently resides in Los Angeles.

    • Rhys attended the University of Canterbury from 1995-1998 and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Art Theory.

    • Rhys was in the New Zealand Army from 1991-1994.

    • Rhy is married to Rosie Carnahan, and they have a son called Finn, born in 2006.

    • Rhys is 5'10" (1.78 m).

  • Quotes

    • Rhys: (On his vocal sound effect skills) I just started making noises every time I described objects or mimed objects in my story telling. It didn't even occur to me that I could mimic sounds any better than anyone for a long time. Then someone told me I could and so it has really just been a natural process for me. I haven't even spent time practicing to get the sounds right. They just come out well when I do them off the cuff. Some people can do accents. I can do machinery, and various animals. When you use a microphone you can really have a lot of fun with sound effects so that's why I've stuck with it.

    • Rhys: (On the HBO network) Getting a show on HBO has been amazing. I can really recommend it. They have been awesome to work with, and they are at the forefront of taking risks and their visions seem to be limitless. HBO is the best. There's nothing that comes close.

    • Rhys: (On Flight Of The Conchords co-star Kristen Schaal) I can't say anything that isn't nice about Kristen. I love her to bits, she really is a ball of excitement. We hang out when we can when we're in the same country. We go shopping for novelty gifts together and once we went clay modeling. She has my bike at the moment on loan until I come back to NYC to make the second series.

    • Rhys: (On his favourite place and city in the world) My favourite place in New Zealand is right here, One Tree Hill, you've got the whole view of the city, you've got kids, tourists, people all come up to this hill looking at the monument wondering what it's for, and then you've got the 360 view of what I think is the best city in the world, Auckland.

    • Rhys: (On what he misses in New Zealand) Well when i'm away the thing I missed most about New Zealand is the vibe, I missed the ease of life, the laidbackness, which I don't think is a word, but ah, just the feel of the place, you know, the ease of going to the beach when i'm in Auckland, there is a beach 20 minutes away. I like to describe New Zealand to people as Lord Of The Rings without the orcs, thats not to say we have all the other elves and things, but particularly the scenery and then I sort of really hammer home the beautiful food, like the sea food and things like that.

    • Rhys: (On what the audience should expect from his stand-up act) I tell stories that happened to me during my youth and a lot of it is surreal. I talk about things that I imagine; monsters, rockets, mermaids. When I tell a story, I act it out; I physicalize it and do the movements that involve not only characters, but objects with sound effects. I give a 3-D image of the story. It's like mime with sound effects, I jump around and make sounds of opening doors, windows, rockets taking off.

    • Rhys: (On how he got his unique comedic style) I used to tell stories when I was a kid, I just thought people really need to see what I was talking about. Later on, it just became my thing. When I was younger I used to do more, so I cut down a lot because there was too much energy involved.