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  • i recently watched a play at the national theatre called "our class" where Rhys Rusbatch played a character called Rysiek, he was absolutely superb!,just noticed he is in Merlin on saturday night , one for the future? watch this space!

    this young actor who graduated at The Guild Hall School of music and drama is a top notch actor!i look forward in anticipation to saturdays merlin as i noticed in the radio times that he has a role as the guard!the play "OUR CLASS" which i watched at the national theatre on Londons south bank was extremely powerful acting ,Rhys Rusbatch played a superb part in that.He will i am sure be seen in many future plays, films ,and tv dramas , i really do believe that this is a name that has a big future,.merlin is an excellent piece of saturday night entertainment and the programme has just employed someone with huge potential however big the patrt he might play!