Rhys Wakefield

Rhys Wakefield


11/20/1988, Cairns, Queensland

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Rhys Wakefield was born in 20 November 1988 in Cairns, Queensland. He is an Australian actor and is best known for portraying Lucas Holden in Home and Away in the long running TV soap opera. However, Rhys left the soap in 2008 after playing the character since August…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Rhys left the Australian soap Home and Away in the beginning of 2008 and playing the role since 2005. His character, Lucas Holden, left Summer Bay to attend college in the city.

    • Before beginning filming in Home and Away Rhys went out to dinner with Jon Sivewright and Paul O'Brien to get to know his on-screen father and brother better as they had never met before.

    • Rhys went to the same school as Sarah Murdoch (O'Hare), Nikki Webster, Josh Quong Tart, Bojana Novakovic and many other prominent Australians in the entertainment industry.

    • Before being cast in Home and Away Rhys performed in many school productions as well as Shakespeare festivals.

    • Rhys is 5'9¾" (1.77 m) in height.

    • Rhys has a dog called Molly.

    • In 2006 Rhys helped Australian Red Cross to promote a poster competition and its underlying message of embracing diversity and of celebrating differences.

    • Rhys is passionate about the theatre and also enjoys filming and editing home movies.

    • Rhys lives in Sydney's north west, with his family.

    • Rhys' first professional acting role was in the film Bootmen in 2000.

    • Rhys attended classes at The McDonald College of Performing Arts where he won an acting scholarship in 2003.

    • Rhys dated his Home and Away co-star Indiana Evans for several months but it has been confirmed that the couple ended this relationship in early 2006.

    • Worked with Opera Australia and the Australian Ballet.

    • Is currently balancing acting with finishing high school.

    • Loves cooking, drawing and keeping fit.

    • He recently won the #1 hottest male on TV award again, beating his mate Paul O'Brien along with co-star Indiana Evans who won the female category.

    • Rhys' first television role was in children's show Don't Blame Me where he guest starred as Brad. He appeared in two episodes, 'Best Foot Forward' and 'The Dingo Made Me Do It'.

  • Quotes

    • Rhys: (when asked if he is like his Home and Away character Lucas) I do feel connected to the character...I can be a bit serious as Lucas is and I like writing as Lucas does. He plays football for fun, he's not really competitive. Like me, I play sport for fun, I'm not all that competitive (in sport, that is). Yes, I'm inclined to be rather sensitive as Lucas is so it does make it easier for me to play the character!

    • Rhys: It's great when I get to hang out with my mates and I get back to being the kid I am again. I'm actually going through two levels of growth – I'm growing in my career, but not too mature for my friends!

    • Rhys: I was very surprised to have won the role of Lucas Holden in Home and Away. My agent called me, and I was so shocked, I didn't know what to say. It's quite weird to go from one extreme to the other – to be unknown one day and overnight, you're a well-known figure! You can't prepare yourself for it! It's such a crazy experience.

    • Rhys: I remember watching Home and Away when I was a little kid with my brother and we watched it religiously, and knew everything about it...but never did I imagine that one day I might be in the show myself!

  • Great actor.

    Rhys is an incredible actor, he has been great in Home and Away ever since he joined. He is very good in all the scenes he is in and very believable. He has a great skill for showing his emotions and conveys them brilliantly to the viewer who can truly understand how he feels. He is wonderful at playing his character of Lucas Holden and has been incredible at making the character interesting and an important character to the show. He is brilliant at coping with major storylines, like the death of his mother in the beginning, being on the run, falling in love with Matilda, breaking up, going through a rebellious stage, going out with Belle only to have his heartbroken and most recently having an affair with his teacher and falling out with his father. Rhys has been magnificent in all these storylines and adds something special to the show. He is definitely a more than capable actor.moreless
  • Rhys Wakefield who plays Lucas Holden is one of my favourite characters in summer bay.

    Rhys Wakefield who plays Lucus Holden is one of my favourite characters in summer bay.He has been great ever since coming into the show in 2005.His character Lucas has had dramatic changes to his personality,going from a sensitive and personal guy to a bit of a bad boy.Being in the UK i have not seen how Rhys tackles the news of Lee's pregnancy but having read reviews i cant wait to see it.I would love to see Lucas and Matilda get back together.I think they made a really sweet couple.I could actual see them being one of summer bays greatest couples.Hope Rhys stays in Home and Away for a long time.Hope he gets some of the big storylines too!moreless