Ric Drasin





7/12/1944 , Bakersfield California

Birth Name

Richard Alan Drasin



Ric grew up in Bakersfield CA and through High School and College was a 'lead guitarist' in a very successful Rock Band and later had a contract with Capital Records. He went into Bodybuilding in his Senior year and ended up winning Mr. California and Mr. Americana. IN 1965 he trained to become a Professional Wrestler and in 69 moved to Santa Monica where be began to train with Arnold Schwarzenegger for the following years. While wrestling at night, Ric pursued his Acting, landing many TV commercials, shows and films. His first film was the movie "BEN' with all the Rats. Ric continued to Wrestle and Bodybuild for many years to come and managed to make a name for himself as a World Champion known throughout the world. While sustaining many injuries, Ric has managed to Wrestle well into his late 50's and Act and do stunts as well. Just recently he has written a book on his life called THE TIME OF MY LIFE. He also now is producing a feature film based on his life called 'The Job Squad'. This is just the 'tip' of the iceberg according to Ric. More to come in the future.