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    Hello and welcome toRichMooreguide! Before you start submitting to the guide or using the forum, please take a minute to read over a few basic ground rules.

    Submission Guidelines

    Feel free to submit trivia or quotes to the guide at anytime. I only ask these things:

    • You must provide a http source for all contributions. Place the link in the submission comment box.
    • Trivia or edits to the bio must be in your own words. Not copied and pasted.
    • Quotes must be in the proper format. All quotes must begin with "Rich" wrapped in bold tags, then a colon, and then the quote. If the quote pertains to a certain subject, place the subject in parenthesis and then wrap itin italics tags after the colon. Here is an example:

      Rich: (Talking about Mission Hill) It was a fine series, that was cancelled too quickly..

    Forum Guidelines

    Your opinions are welcome here. If you happen tohave an opposing views on a subject, please do not insult or threaten one another. If you are insulted or threatened, do not respond to the user, simply report them for flaming. There will also be no spamming or trolling. Over all, keep it clean and everything will be fine and dandy like sour candy.

    For more information, consult the following:

    Any questions or complaints PM me.

    And also if you want a TC position submit at least15 things to the guide.

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