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    • Rich: (Talking about how he redesigned The Critic) We really wanted to make the characters more lovable, especially Jay, you know, that's why they all got round eyes.

    • Rich: (Talking about the design process of The Critic) We wanted to give it a more artsy look than The Simpsons and that's why we put the backgrounds on paper not just painted on cells.

    • Rich: (Talking about what it's like to be a supervising director ) It's just going over storyboards with the directors, improving things, stuff like that.

    • Rich: (Talking about how David Silverman designed the character of Jay Sherman in the series "The Critic." ) The original design for the character was just drawn by David Silverman on a napkin or a placemat at a restaurant and it was just a little guy, with a flat head and Jim Loved it!

    • Rich: (Talking about the design process of The Critic) It wasn't so much just one person designing the whole show, it was like a think tank of ideas and me and David Cutler would pick out the best ones.