Richard A. Dysart

Richard A. Dysart


3/30/1929, Augusta Maine, USA

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Richard Dysart
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Richard Dysart is most famed for his role Leland McKenzie on succesful NBC drama series, L.A. Law. He has also starred in many movies, such as Hard Rain, Panther, Back to the Future III, Wall Street, Pale Rider, Mask, The Thing, The Falcon and the Snowman etc. Dysart…more


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    • While starring in LA Law, Richard appeared in 3 of NBC's The More You Know public service announcements. His topics were teacher appreciation, teacher recruitment, and parental involvement.

    • The scene where Leland and Rosalind in L.A. Law were discovered in bed, was ranked as the 38th greatest moment in television in an issue of EGG Magazine.
      Diana Muldaur, who played his enemy/lover Rosalind on the show, described Dysart as "wonderful" in an interview on the Roy Leonard Show.

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  • Richard Dysart is great!

    Who can ever forget Leland Mckenzie in L.A. Law? I mean: he dumped wonderful Iris Hubbard, he was best friend with the shows biggest idiot Douglas Brackman, he fell in love with adorable Rosalind Shays, he forced Rosalind out, he took her to bed, he turned down her proposal saying that he didn't love here - and then, after here death, he told Ann Kelsey that he really did love Roz after all. And still I couldn't hate him! Why? Because he is so gorgeous! I really hated the show after Rosalinds departure, but I continued to watch it - all because of Mr Dysart! He's lovely!moreless