Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage


8/22/1971, Leicester, England, UK

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Richard Armitage


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Richard started his career by studying at Pattison College, followed by attending the LAMDA (The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts).

He began in a small role in the movie This Year's Love, followed by a notable role in "Sparkhouse" which launched him into the public eye.

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    • Richard: (on his Spooks character, Lucas): He used to work for MI5. He was a predecessor of Tom Quinn and was Harry's protégé, the best in his field. He went to Russia and got caught and banged up for eight years. He's tortured, interrogated and broken and then he mysteriously finds his way back. It's cultivated by MI5 to get him back and no one knows why. He comes back with dirt on his feet from Russia and spreads it around a bit. They're suspicious that he's a double agent so that [plotline] goes through the series.

    • (On finding out Sir Guy was to kill Marion)
      Richard Armitage: It gave me sleepless nights. I just didn't know how I was going to play that scene. I didn't want him to want to kill her. I wanted him to kill the thing that was coming out of her mouth - the thing that she was at that moment. All of his hope for his future was absolutely exploding into nothing. I think that just completely destroys somebody in a moment.

    • Richard Armitage: You can spend a bit of yourself when you give yourself to a character. At the end of a job, you have to remind yourself who and what you are.

  • Brilliant actor

    Richard Armitage is among the most brilliant actors I've ever seen. He creates and plays a diverse range of characters, each totally real, nuanced and layered. Armitage never plays the same type of role twice. I first saw him in North and South, as John Thornton - an 1850s cotton mill owner. A hard, ruthless business man with ethics and a deeply-hidden heart, Thornton revealed himself only through time and hardship. As John Standring in Sparkhouse, Armitage played a shy, almost inarticulate farm worker, who seemed to disappear into himself, As the piece goes on, though, he shows himself to be generous, courageous and willing to risk everything for those he loves.

    I would watch anything Richard Armitage chose to act in. He is someone who always gives more than you expect.moreless
  • Richard Armitage would play a great part as Steel, the time detective in the 70's British Sci-Fi Series - Sapphire & Steel.

    Does anybody agree that there should be a re-make of the British Sci-Fi Series ' Sapphire and Steel ' ?? I personally think that Richard Armitage would fit the part perfectly after seeing Spooks. But who would play Sapphire I wonder ?? Would be difficult to find someone's character similar Joanna Lumley !!! I was having breakfast in McDonnalds a few months ago in my hometown of Colchester, U.K. and I was listening to a live radio show requesting callers to express their views of what television series or films from the 70's and 80's they would like to see a re-make of. I say Sapphire and Steel.moreless