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  • Richard Armitage would play a great part as Steel, the time detective in the 70's British Sci-Fi Series - Sapphire & Steel.

    Does anybody agree that there should be a re-make of the British Sci-Fi Series ' Sapphire and Steel ' ?? I personally think that Richard Armitage would fit the part perfectly after seeing Spooks. But who would play Sapphire I wonder ?? Would be difficult to find someone's character similar Joanna Lumley !!! I was having breakfast in McDonnalds a few months ago in my hometown of Colchester, U.K. and I was listening to a live radio show requesting callers to express their views of what television series or films from the 70's and 80's they would like to see a re-make of. I say Sapphire and Steel.
  • Brilliant actor

    Richard Armitage is among the most brilliant actors I've ever seen. He creates and plays a diverse range of characters, each totally real, nuanced and layered. Armitage never plays the same type of role twice. I first saw him in North and South, as John Thornton - an 1850s cotton mill owner. A hard, ruthless business man with ethics and a deeply-hidden heart, Thornton revealed himself only through time and hardship. As John Standring in Sparkhouse, Armitage played a shy, almost inarticulate farm worker, who seemed to disappear into himself, As the piece goes on, though, he shows himself to be generous, courageous and willing to risk everything for those he loves.

    I would watch anything Richard Armitage chose to act in. He is someone who always gives more than you expect.
  • An actor who inhabits his roles and was a huge part in making the BBC's North and South my favorite program ever.

    Richard Armitage became my favorite actor ever when I saw him in North and South which has become my favorite drama ever, surpassing my previous favorite, the period drama, Pride and Prejudice.

    Since then I have scrounged to find everything I can that he has been in, and while some of the programs have only been average, his performances have always been good, and where the program and script allows, he has been excellent.

    I find him mesmerizing to watch and listen to, he has wonderful eyes and a wonderful voice, and he has a less is more acting style which really appeals to me. He seems to inhabit his characters and you don't feel he is acting.

    Programs I would recommend are the BBC's North and South, the final two episodes of The Vicar of Dibley, Between the Sheets, Sparkhouse, The Impressionists and see him at his most vile in the BBC's 2006 version of Robin Hood.
  • One of the best actors in ages!

    My favourite role for Richard Armitage I believe will always be as John Thornton in BBC's "North and South" which was set in England.

    He is a wonderfully natural actor with a wonderful voice which envokes emotion and makes your heart melt. The emotions which he shows while acting is what I feel makes him so great on the small or big screen. The other thing I like most is his accent, it is truely wonderful and strong.

    I have seen him in some of his others roles, but personally I would love to see him in another period piece - in particularly a series.
  • Must admit I usually watch mostly movies made in the USA, and have watched many great love stories...such as Good As It Gets, Mrs. Winterborne, and While you were Sleeping...didn\'t think anything could top these...I was wrong. North & South was the best

    Richard Armitage and Daniela Denby-Ashe were outstanding in this mini-series. I have watched many of good actresses and actors...and many were outstanding...but I have never felt the need to write a review as I do now. My collection of movies are all time greats...and I know talent when I see it...and these two people are really really good!!! Its very rare to see such talent as these two have shown. I never buy a movie unless its good, and after viewing it on tv I bought the movie and watched it not once but 3 times in one was that good. I never watch the special features on a DVD, but I had to see the interview with Richard Armitage. Had to chuckle...his favorite part of the movie scenes were mine as well, especially the ending, must have played that 7 - 8 times. Took the movie to work and shared it with 7-8 friends who are into love stories. Don\'t care for love stories unless they are really really good.

    Richard played John Thornton very well. His acting talent is incredible and very refreshing. Can\'t say we have an actor this good, because acting is more than taking a part and acting, its becoming that characater and I must say Richard stepped into this character very well. Can\'t say enough about the acting and this movie. He is definitely a most talented and intriguing actor, hope to see him take on more of these complicated characters in the furture.
  • Richard Armitage has charisma. He steals each scene that he is in. Richard Armitage is hotter than a thousand suns in the BBC's North & South. Richard Armitage is equally fabulous as Lee in Cold Feet, Capt. Ian Macalwain in Ultimate Force, and Paul in B

    Richard Armitage is fabulous as John Thornton in the BBC North & South. He is "hotter than a thousand suns"! He is the definitive John Thornton. He has charisma and steals each and every scene he is in. I can't wait to see him as John Standring in Sparkhouse. This actor should be getting more starring roles.