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  • Richard Basehart is one of my favorite actors.He was well known for narrating TV shows..His last role was narrating a Greek poem while the Olympic Flame was being turned off at the Closing Ceremonies of the 1984 Los Angeles summer Olympics.

    Richard is one of my favorite actors. I never met him but he was one of my orginal favorites as he was Adm Nelson on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.He narrated several National Geographic specials. But he was well know for doing narration of shows. I well remember him from Voyage he was always the one in charge and you know the Voyage situation Adm Nelson was the boss and Capt Crane ran the Seaview. He is the reason I watched the orginal Knight Rider pilot in 1982. I saw the TV Guide listing that he was listed as a guest star. He played Wilton Knight who was responsible for KITT. Richard did the opening narration for the orginal Knight Rider. He died two years later but you could still hear his voice doing the narration that explained Knight Rider.For younger TV fans before video tapes you could get audio tapes of old TV shows. Thats one way us older fans are good at recognizing actors from their voices. I remember him from the short lived W.E.B. In the WEB pilot he was the narrator of some special the network he worked for did.