Richard Christy

Richard Christy


4/1/1974, Fort Scott, Kansas

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Richard Christy


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    • Richard loves cheesecake and claims to have enjoyed a piece of cheesecake so much that he became sexually aroused.

    • Richard Christy hosts Inside the Porn Actors Studio, which is a parody of the television series Inside the Actors Studio, with Christy filling the James Lipton role, and is featured on SIRIUS satellite radio, channel [Howard] 101.

    • In a hysterical moment during a July 2005 show, Christy announced that his dog, named "Coon Dog," had eaten his favorite pet, a rooster named "Dumb-ss", back home on his father's farm in Kansas. Obviously, Stern, Artie Lange, Fred Norris, and Robin Quivers all had a good time joking with Richard about this incident, and the fact that his favorite pet was a rooster while his dog was named "Coon Dog."

    • A self-described pervert, with an extensive knowledge of pornography, Christy has been defeated just twice in a segment titled Stump the Perv, a segment in which the two contestants are asked questions about the adult film industry.

    • Christy's strong Kansas accent, country lifestyle, and upbringing are frequent sources of ribbing from the other Stern show members.

    • Following Gene Hoglan's style, Richard Christy's mastery of the double bass technique and odd time signature made him a standout drummer.

    • Richard got a Brazilian bikini-wax live on the Howard Stern Show February 13, 2006. Sound clips of his screams [from during the bikini-wax] have become favorites of Fred Norris, who plays them frequently on the show.

    • He initially got the attention of the Howard Stern Show when now former producer K.C. Armstrong mentioned his song parodies to them.

    • His nickname is "Creepy."

    • Richard Christy's drumming talents earned him a surprising fan in the form of baseball superstar Mike Piazza who, during a visit to the Howard Stern Show, recognized Christy from his drumming days with Iced Earth. Piazza said he was a huge fan of Richard's drumming.

    • Richard is an extremely talented drummer, and has drummed for numerous metal bands, including Iced Earth, Death, Burning Inside, Incantation, Control Denied, and Wykked Wytch.

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