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Richard Conti

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  • Richard Conti is the most natural High End Italian in the industry. It's who the guy is. We want to see him on an ongoing basis doing what he does best. Not to mention he has the best profile we have seen in years!moreless

    Richard Conti's performance in The Evidence was not acting. It was being. He's as good as you can get. He and Estes seemed to have a great chemistry together. Bring this dude back to The Evidence. Let him do his Italian thing!

    It is not everyday we get to see an Italian BE an Italian and not ACT like one. Conti should be considered for every show that needs that North End from Boston upscale bad guy. He's the top of the line creep that wears Armani! He's the Mob head that never get's his hands dirty. Whomever casts this guy on a show as a regular gets the money!moreless