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  • Richard Coyle is an incredibly adaptable, highly talented actor that just doesn't get enough screen time.

    I saw Richard in the BBCs Christmas drama “Lorna Doone” in 2000. At the time I was impressed and very moved by his portrayal of John Ridd, Lorna’s destined love. Earlier that same year I had become a big fan of the British sitcom “Coupling” mainly due to the quirky character Jeff, a socially inept Welshman. His performance in this was so lively and convincing that when I saw the very serious and very English John Ridd in “Lorna Doone” I didn’t even recognise him! To me this is the sign of a gifted actor, he truly takes on the essence of his roles in much the same way that Gary Oldman does. You never notice the celebrity above the character he’s playing.

    Personally I was very disappointed when Richard left the cast of “Coupling.” I think it was a wise move though, and avoided type-casting which was very possible whilst this was the most high profile role of his career to date. Without him the show lost its heart and I soon lost interest.

    I really hope we will see more of him in the near future. Britain could really use a few more gems like him.
  • Extremely talented

    Richard Coyle is a very talented man who as Jeff in BBC's Coupling made me laugh so hard at times that I nearly lost control of myself. Had the lines been delivered by someone else I do nto think they would have had the same impact as he has this way of delivering them that makes you believe that his character is for real.
    I was disappointed when he left Coupling and personally think it was a big mistake on his part as Coupling was going to be his stepping stone to great things. Rochard Coyle is someone who I would watch in just about anything. While I have never seen him in a drama series, I believe this talented actor could pull it off and hopefully we will be seeing more of him on our TV's in the coming years