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    • (on Strange's motivations).
      Richard Coyle: So he's quite a gentle guy. A wounded soul, I think, is the best description. He's got quite a lot of physical and emotional darkness about him.

    • (on doing drama while studying at York).
      Richard Coyle: I only had one lecture and one seminar a week, so I had a lot of time on my hands. And there's only so many drugs and so much booze you can take. So I joined the drama society. It was either that or the beer society, and for health reasons I chose drama.

    • (on his first meeting with Dean Lennox Kelly).
      Richard Coyle: We first met in a dank locker room at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. I was surrounded by a lot of hairy arses and I noticed this guy with a lot of hair everywhere except his arse - and that was Dean. He came over and made some wisecrack about me looking like Leo Sayer, and I thought: "Aye aye, I'd better keep an eye on this guy." He was loud and hairy, but he had a certain charm about him.

    • (on his friendship with actor Dean Lennox Kelly).
      Richard Coyle: We started out as friends who were actors, but now we're friends and the acting is almost irrelevant. We're like an old married couple. We've been through everything together and bicker over trivial things -but, essentially, we love each other.

    • (on Jeff in "Coupling").
      Richard Coyle: I have a lot of fun with the role. It really is silly. I play such a weirdo. I like that, because I think I'm a bit of a geek as well. Jeff is a pubescent boy trapped inside the body of a man, still obsessed about his relationship with his mother.

    • (on working with Tom Baker in "Strange").
      Richard Coyle: Tom Baker guest stars in one episode and when I met him, I couldn�t speak! I didn't know what to say to him for the first day he was on set because he's my Doctor Who - we all have a Doctor Who, like we have our favourite James Bond, and Tom is mine. I just didn't know what to say to him!

    • (on getting together with his wife on the set of "Up Rising")
      Richard: We played a couple who get together at the same time that we got together in real life. It's great. Whenever we need a potted history of our relationship, we have something to watch on the video.

    • (on his dreams as "Strange").
      Richard Coyle: I spent a lot of time immersing myself in the occult and reading about demonology, myths, legends and folklore and there's an incredible bank of work about it all. I spooked myself so much that I found it difficult to sleep much during the shoot because I was having these vivid nightmares and dreams! I was reading the books during the daytime and then when I fell off to sleep, I would have these really vivid dreams inspired by these fantastic stories.

    • (on his late father).
      Richard Coyle: He died just when I started filming "Coupling", and I really wished he'd been able to see "Dalziel and Pascoe" which I told him I was going to be doing. That was the moment when he thought his son was going to be all right. That series was something he recognised.

    • (on playing Jimmy Porter in "Look Back in Anger).
      Richard Coyle: It's one of those parts that all ambitious actors want to do, I figured that this was my first chance to play Jimmy Porter and maybe my last. By the time the next revival comes along in about 10 years' time, I will be too old for the part.

    • (on playing Jeff in "Coupling").
      Richard Coyle: All of us have that child inside us, and I can let that out when I play Jeff.

    • (on playing all aspects of "Strange").
      Richard Coyle: I think when you play a part like this you accept that there are going to be moments of out-and-out horror and there are going to be moments of comedy and a hundred different shades of things inbetween. You just have to get on with it, play each one as if it's like eating your breakfast, really.

    • (Richard on playing "Strange").
      Richard Coyle: Just that it was different. It's very dark and I love dark things anyway. There are sinister undertones, things that are disturbing, and I found all of those when I read the script. And I hadn't seen anything else like this so that's really why I wanted to do it. I enjoy doing science fiction and I haven't had a chance to do a great deal.

    • (Richard on his perfect part).
      Richard Coyle: I don't have one particular part, but I always like characters that are a little dark and twisted - parts that are slightly sinister. It is more interesting.

    • (Richard on working with Ian Richardson).
      Richard Coyle: They are the best parts of the job, to get to work with people like that, people you've admired for years. He's brilliant to watch and you just learn so much from people like Ian.