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  • What did all of those contestants on "Match Game" see in this guy? I don't think he was so great. I think Family Feud would have worked had they brought in a different host.

    I felt that "Match Game" finally improved once Richard Dawson left. It was such a joke to get to the bonus game, and then everyone would pick Richard for the celebrity match. What, were Bret Somers and Charles Nelson Reilly that bad that everyone had to pick Richard? Finally, getting the star wheel alleviated those problems.

    Also, I don't understand the big deal about kissing everyone on Family Feud. Whoopee!
  • I was on show #7 of Richard Dawson\'s Masquerade Party in Summer \'74.. aired and got prize 12/74. I looked at bio,for appearances, repeat appear., and show is not there. Why? Add? Panel member Nipsy Russell died today,want to

    I was on show #7 of Richard Dawson\'s Masquerade
    Party in Summer 1974, it aired and I received
    my prize Dec.1974. I looked at the bio and the
    \"for appearances \", then the Repeat Appearances
    and the show is not shown at all.. Why? Please
    add to list.. my appearance was in #7, I remember
    Nipsy Russell and he passed away today.. I also
    know Lee Merriweather was on the pane l want to
    know who the other panel members were..
    PLease add show,
    please add repeat performances, (esp.#7)
    Art Linkletter was secret guest I name correct.
    and would like to know the panel memebers..
    Please reply..
    Billie Veach
  • He fits in great with the Match Game cast, and Family Feud.

    Richard is one of the all time great actors on various game shows. I always thought Richard was a calm, and cool guy, who always looked relaxed on the job. He made watching shows like the Match Game good, because all the freaks around him were annoying, and he was like, the normal one out of those people. Richard was also a classic show host on Family Feud, which was also a pretty goo show, from which I think he helped make so fun to watch.
  • Would had rate him a ten but

    Richard Dawson I loved not just on Family Feud but
    On Match Game during those early days. I would had
    Rated him a ten but he had a little ego going on
    Thanks to not just Match Game but Family Feud.
    When he was hosting FF, that is when his ego spunned
    Out of control and as a result, he left the Match
    Game on very bad terms.
  • great

    one of the first TV stars I fell in love with, and I watch reruns of Match Game and Family fued, becuase I think I still have a crush,something about him even in his gloomy days just draws me in.. hs accent, his looks, He was and is a " sex Symbol".. and a true hollywood Icon, esecially with the game shows
  • A very talented actor. Should have received more recognition. Should still be on television or the big screen today.

    He is one of the most talented actors I have seen. Comedy is hard to do and he was great at it. Too bad he didn't receive the recognition he deserved. I truly believe he could have been a big star. I've just recently seen The Devil's Brigade and he had a fairly decent role. He portrays all of his characters very well. I watch him everyday on Family Feud and Match Game and even today 30 some years later he still makes me and hundreds more laugh. That just proves what an outstanding performer he was and should be today.
  • He played everything from Game Show Host to a Colonel.

    I best remember him on the TV show 'Family Feud' he was the original host. He would kiss all the women. Get t-shirts from people and just make the show fun. He was also very good as a regular panelist on the game show 'Match Game'. He was always chosen as the one who would do the last question. He would kiss the women and shake hands with the men, something that would carry on when he was on 'Family Feud'. He also played a dramatic part in the TV show 'Hogan Heroes' about people held as prisoners of war.
  • Though some powers-to-be could not stand his greeting of the contestants, the contestants looked forword to those kisses.

    \"Sweeter than honey\" was one of many responses to Richard Dawson\'s kisses. \"If I could come home to that kind of greeting, I would make my husband steak every night!\",was another. The contestants would look foward to the warm welcome given to them before taping started,and while they were on stage,so why did the powers-to-be see to it that Dawson was fired. And,when ratings were taking a nose- dive, they called Dawson back only to demand he lose 30 pounds in order to stay host of the show.I think that gameshow hosts should be graded by how good they do their jobs,not how much they weight.
  • Richard Dawson. He is most known for being the Family Fued's first host. But that isn't all he did, he was on Match Game for sevral years before moving onto to his own show.Richard also was known as a lady's man and kissed every woman contestant on the Fu

    Funny and charming, Richard Dawson is like no other. He could win over any woman's heart with just one smile or more likely for him a kiss. He isn't heard of much anymore but what do people know, they couldn't recognize the best gameshow host if he were standing right in front of them. Never fear although Richard may not work on television anymore he if far from dead as many people think he is. Don't ever forget to watch him on the gameshow network because whether the show is stupid or not you wil love just watching him .
  • He's Great!

    Richard is the best gameshow host ever. He's charming,funny, and very talented. He's also british!! How cute!! But he doesnt have a british accent. I loved how he kissed all the girls on Family Fued. He played Peter Newkirk On Hogan's Heroes very well. To bad he never made any really good movies. He did win an Emmy for Family Fued.