Richard Dean Anderson





Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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Well known as the talented everyday-hero MacGyver, Richard Dean Anderson is a very gifted, remarkable actor by himself. Born in Minnesota to a teacher father and Drawing artist mother, he wished to be a Hockey player while he was teenager. However, several accidents while playing, forced him to stop. He almost finished his degree in Drama in the Ohio University, but his inner will for travels made him move to Los Angeles. He played on theaters, and it didn't take him long to move to TV. There, he played several important roles throughout the 70's (General Hospital), but in the year 1985 he became Macgyver, the huge step of his career. He played there a talented guy who solved problems with his scientific knowledge and every object he could find, rather than violence. MacGyver ran for 7 successful seasons. After that he played in several movies, showing variety of talents, such as Drama (Pride of the Marines, and Past the Bleachers), Action (In the Eyes of a Stranger) and Fear (Beyond Betrayal). Anderson is well known today for his 8 year role in Stargate SG1, the continuation of the Stargate Movie, where he played Colonel/Brigadier General Jack O'Neill, humorous commander of an air force unit which travels to other planets through a circular ancient device, in order to fight the evil and save Earth and the galaxy. He left in 2004 in order to spend more time with his partner Apryl Prose (they have never married) and their 6 year old daughter Wylie Quinn Annarose Anderson.