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  • My thoughts on Richard Dean Anderson

    Perhaps one of my favorite actors. I loved him in MacGyver, and could not get enough of him in SG-1. He always brought an air of amusement to the character of Colonel Jack O'Neill (Spelled with two l's) that I just loved. It truly disappointed me when he left SG-1. His character's relationship with Micheal's was just fantastic, especially how the two always played so well off of each other. He's character always had heart, and was quite often misunderstood and torn between the decisions he had to make. His humor and timing was always wonderful. This man is truly a great actor.
  • PERFECT!!!!! I lighten up whenever I watch him

    My Dream Guy....
    One can see from the way his series succeed how gr8 he actually is... I mean first the famous Mcgyver.. then the longest sci fi series ever and in my opinion the greatest too. without him stargate sg1 just isn't the same... he added an extra something... even when he didn't have much text he was the most important one in the episode... his looks are just charming and then ofcors his SMILE just perfect... this half lips closing... he just looks amazing and he always plays the protector's roel who's the hero of each day and modest too... i rally love the way he acts... when he's playing dumb and just makes jokes out of the blue but at the same time he really makes all the difference... I wish to find my real life O'Neill... with the same character, appearence and SMILE
    Way To Go Rick =D =D =D
  • I really like him!

    I felt in love with Mac long before realizing he was only a character! Then i discovered Richard Dean Anderson...and that's history!He's one of my best actors:he is handsome, intelligent, sexy, sweet,charming, he can be every girl/woman dream!
    Plus he's a really good actor always aid by the characters he played! Sometimes he's funny, a bit crazy, ready to help everyone in all the situations; other times he's more serious but always smart and good...also with guns if needs(in real life he fight against all kind of firearms)! But absolutely always great! He couldn't be such a good actor if he's not a beautiful person!
  • Richard Dean Anderson is like fine wine - he only gets better with time!

    Richard Dean Anderson is one of the finest actors of our time. He made MacGyver a household word and has kept his principles strong. Most people don't realize how talented he is at his craft. He is an extremely hard worker as well. He is a very down-to-earth person who cares about people and our environment and works hard to make the world a better place. His versatility is incredible and evidenced in the many roles he has played over the years. Most people know him as MacGyver, Dr. Jeff Webber or Colonel Jack O'Neill but he has portrayed so many other characters and gives his all to the performance whether it is a Marine blinded during wartime, a psychotic stalker or an abusive, controlling police officer.


    Mr. Anderson is one of the best T.V. show actors of all time. From his classic and influential MacGuyver episodes to his great supporting role in Stargate. He influenced myself as well as many others I know to try things out and be creative when trying to solve a problem. Yeah sure, these are ideas that originated from the fonzy himself, Henry Wrinkler who invented MacGuyver, but the best character possible was chosen for the role, Richard Dean Anderson. He has the best show from the late 80's into the early 90's that the whole family could watch, appreciate and learn something from.
  • A man who'se talent has inspired millions around the world and has touch the lives of countless people. He will go into infamy as a man who'se on screen passion has set a great standard for others to follow.

    Richard Dean Anderson, better known as Angus MaGyver and Major General Jack O'Neill on your tv screens is one of tv's all time favourite actors. He lights up the screens as he works to solve problems for the Phoenix Foundation in Los Angeles and worm his way through wormholes on missions of peace and galactic friendship representing the SGC while fighting the Goa'uld. With his wits about him, he helps the helpless and fights for justice and the American way. People all over the universe have been impacted by his passion for valuing human life and his mission to seek out new life and new civilisations and to boldly go where others may or may not have gone before.
  • Like Chevy Chase and Harrison Ford, RDA should never grow old.

    I first learnt of the awesome-ness that is RDA (Richard Dean Anderson) when I first started watching Star Gate SG1 all those years ago. Being just a youngin' when MacGuyver came out I never watched it. I didn't realise RDA was also that character until a chance encounter one night when random MacGuyver viewing was on the cards, let's just say the man reached God status by then. He is a great actor who can portray goofy and serious (O'Neill) to sensitive and charismatic (MacGuyver). Unfortunately I haven't seen any of his other offerings but with 7 seasons of Mac and at least 8 full seasons of O'Neill I probably couldn't handle anymore RDA... That's a filthy lie!
    He's also spunky! Especially with a mullet.
  • Richard Dean Anderson is the man, that simple.

    Richard Dean Anderson is, personally, my favorite actor. He played MacGyver in MacGyver and Colonel/General Jack O'Neill in Stargate SG-1. Both characters are my favorites in TV and he played them to perfection. His humor and talent were displayed on the screen and he just brings so much to the shows. He looks great and, in his MacGyver days, made the mullet look good. Now, he has grey hair which is awesome also. His acting is amazing and he really becomes the characters we all look forward in seeing on TV. I wish we were back in the days of MacGyver, but for now, Stargate will do.
  • I am in love with Richard Dean Anderson

    I have been in love with RIchard Dean Anderson for many year...i first saw Magyver...which in the UK we got a couple of years after the series ended....and then again in 1995 in the film Past the Bleachers....and since 1997 Stargate SG1................
    He is everything I would want in a man.....and i was sad and disappointed when he left Stargate in series 9.....i like Ben Browder but i would rather have my Richard.
    The chemistry he had with the cast cannot be matched...his sense of humour..his lovely smile...
    I want to see more of Richard Dean Anderson. If anyone knwows of any other movies let me know....
  • Jef Webber Macguyver Jack O'niell,It doesn't matter what character it is he is great at it. He has been one of very favorite actors/ Characters for as long as I can remember. But I must say that the later Jack O'niell is my favorite.

    I have always loved Richard dean Anderson, since I was a girl. I dont think I have ever seen anything he has done that I did not like. He very talented and can handle any role with ease, but I love the latest, Jack O'niell the cahracter is very complex if you think about it.
    He has presence and his authority is commanded, and received. He carrys it well.
    He is your classic Alfa Male. He may not be the one figuring out everything, but he usually the one to carry out the task needed to be done to once again save the world and start all over the next day.
    The best part about all this is that he has the greatest since of humor. He always has that wise crack at the most unexpected moment. But he is not affraid of what is going to happen next just that it has to be done now, so he does it now and worrys about it later. He is very modest, he is not real comfortable with recognition. I like that part too.
    His vanity in inward. which of course makes him that more appealing. He is a perfect hero.
  • This man is pretty incredible, his career spans from the seventies to present. I've met lots of stars and they all seem to do the hand shake or the autograph thing with such a blase attitude, some are even looking around as they sign or even talk to you.

    RDA looks you in the eye and talks to you as if your the only one in the room, he cares about his fans. He's dead sexy dont care what his age is, it's not just his hot body and face it's he's sexy becasue he's a great father. Wiley is never a nano second from his thoughts and you can tell. And that he cares about the environment and animals as much as anything else in his life. How Apryl let him get away is beyond me! He's beautiful inside and out! I adore him, he's cool!!
  • RDA Is MacGyver No Matter what he Dose!

    Because of His Show "MacGyver" Everyone keeps Using that Character's name in a quote "What do I Look Like, MacGyver?" Or "Yes Someone should MacGyver This Together" LOL He even made the Swiss Army Knife & The Rolls of Ducked Tape Famous because those were his Tools of the Trade. Now a days There's tons of reality 'Do It Yourself' Shows on how to Fix Things But Back then Richard Dean Anderson is The original Mr. Fix it.
  • To be honest I was never a huge McGyver fan, and still am not today but I think I am a Huge Richard Dean Anderson Fan. His acting is first rate and imo the Show SG1 whould never have been a huge hit if he was not cast in the roll.

    Richard Dean Anderson is such a talented actor and I think he did such a Great job as Jack O'neal. I only wish he had stayed with the Show, although knowing his Personal life and how he feels about the fans and public (not that he is anti-fan but he Clearly is a Extremly Private Person). I am suprised he stayed for as many seasons as he did. I think that the show is still a great show without him but it would not have been or became one if it had not been for this talented Cornerstone and Living Legend of the tube.!! Rock on Richard!!!
  • Funny...

    Richard Dean Anderson is the greatest actor ever. He played Macgyver well but I'm going to say that Jack O'neill is my favorite role that he plays. He is also very funny in real life see the 2006 spacey awards and you will know what i'm talking about. Nobody wanted him to leave stargate sg1 but I repect his decision i mean he is 56 years old and he wanted to spend more time with his kids. I wish he would get back to acting though. If he is not in the stargate sg1 movies that are coming out next year that will be pretty stupid. But all in all he is one of the all time greats. Later...
  • he's what made Stargate SG1 what it is today...

    Richard Dean Anderson is my favourite actor simply because he raises the humour of a show but he doesn't dumb it down so a cow can understand it. he was a great actor in both Macgyver and Stargate sg1. he is the favourite actor in a sci-fi series for a lot of people. he was born the same year as my dad,i did a speech on him in grade eight so i know all about him.i hope that he is going to be the stargate tv movies. because he can come back to acting now.i think he is a very good actor.later.
  • I watched him in "Macgyver" everyday and I was sorry to see him go in SG-1.

    I remember when my brother and I would get home from school we would immediately run up stairs to watch "Macgyver". I thought it was the best show on tv and I must of watched every episode. I think he is such a great tv actor. I don't think they make actors like him much more.
    I still love to watch SG-1 even though I know that Anderson isn't on it, but whenever I hear that he's going to guest star, I can't wait to see him.
    I've only seen him in Macgyver and SG-1 and would like to see his short-lived series "Legend", but I don't think any re-runs of the show have ever played on tv. I guess I'll just have to be happy with catching any guest appearances and watching re-runs of SG-1 and Macgyver.
  • Macgyver, Stargate SG-1, amazing!

    Richard Dean Anderson is not just an average good looking actor. He has stunned audiences everywhere with his more than impressive acting.
    Though Iv'e watched more of Stargate SG-1 than Macgyver, I continue to be amazed by RDA. His humor and charisma is amazing. He's one of those actors who knows just how to do each and every scene to make it the best that it can possibly be. He has a great sense of the show's he's in.
    This actor is one who will never be forgoten. He is an amazing actor and, even though he's retired, I hope to see more of him in the future, such as how he is currently guess starring in Stagate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.
  • TV = Richard Dean Anderson

    What can I say?
    I'm one of those people that got absolutely hooked on MacGyver during my younger days.
    I define my youth with MacGyver and by that Richard Dean..
    If I would point towards a TV-actor and say; Thats my all time favorite. It would damn straight be Richard.
    I haven't seen him in particulary mutch apart from MacGyver, and SG-1 of course.
    I was a bit sceptic about SG-1 since I was very found of Kurt Russels acting toward his character.
    But as the show went along I became more and more found towards Richards interpretation of O'Neill. He wears Jack O'Neill like he should be and I'm very pleased with him as an actor.
    My thumbs up and a thanks for making my childhood interesting. Heck MacGyver was the only reason I wanted to learn how to read, so I could read the subtitles.. ^^ and of course later to learn english.
    Good show!
  • Well, what can i say about the guy. He is talented, especially when he stars in probably my firts favourite show of all time MacGyver, the guy is funny, especially in Stargate SG-1. I am guttered that he dosent come in Stargate in Season 9-10.

    Well, what can i say about the guy. He is talented, especially when he stars in probably my firts favourite show of all time MacGyver, the guy is funny, especially in Stargate SG-1. I am guttered that he dosent come in Stargate in Season 9-10. But Ben Browder is good enough to be in Stargate Sg-1 becasue he was good in Farscape.

    Mate all i can say is that, the guy is good, but i just think he could have been better, if he kept on going on Stargate SG-1 (Season 9-10). Also go another couple seasons on personally favourite of mine MacGyver, just too bad he is old.
  • Richard Dean Anderson his name is familiar to everybody that grew up with \\\"General Hospital\\\", \\\"MacGyver\\\", \\\"Legend\\\", and now with \\\"Stargate SG-1.\\\" He was on \\\"The Simpsons\\\" on April 9,2006 and now will come back

    Richard Dean Anderson is one of the most talented actors
    I know. He is a wonderful father to his daughter, Wylie.
    I\\\'m glad he came out of retirement just to do the 200th
    episode of Stargate SG-1 and 5 other episodes. I truly have
    missed him on there. Also I loved him as \\\"MacGyver\\\".
    The mild manner guy who you would love for him to be your
    next door neighbor. He showed us how to be loyal to your friends, showed us how to take care of the enviroment,
    and to be better people. Yep, Richard Dean Anderson is
    one talented man. I\\\'m glad I grew up watching him.
    I hope to see him more down the road.
  • How can you confuse looks with talent?

    What's with the gushing about this man? He's aged superbly, yes, but a screen legend he is not.

    It's about time someone called the emperor on his birthday suit, too. Stargate SG-1 is pretty average, by-the-numbers sci-fi. It just happens to have an original premise and a cast that isn't totally awful. Incidentally, I don't much care for the 'humour' everyone crows about. Genuine wit and facile sarcasm are most definitely not the same thing.

    Some point to 'Abyss' (the one where O'Neill's tortured by Baal) as an example of RDA's acting chops. Fair enough, he wasn't particularly terrible in that. But for the remaining eight seasons he was an insufferable, increasingly moronic caricature and you can only blame so much on shoddy, clichê-ridden writing. It was an uninspired performance to begin with. By the time he called it quits he was just phoning it in.

    Perhaps he can do more, given the material and a good kick up the backside. Certainly, he wasn't required to do anything more taxing on Stargate than look steely or perplexed every so often. He seemed marginally more involved in MacGyver, but then again not a lot was required of him in that either, beyond appearing dashing, spry and resourceful.

    Let's be honest, he's a decidedly average actor who happens to be terrifically good-looking. Whether intentional or otherwise, he seems to coast on that. He does have undeniable charisma, sure, and doubtless it's what keeps him in work (or not, given his recent retirement), but he won't be in any danger whatsoever of an Oscar any time soon.

    Don't get me wrong - he can do it. It's just never anything to write home about.
  • I love this man. Gosto dele desde os tempos de McGavier, onde ele praticamente conduzia o seriado sozinho. Grande ator, engraçado e ao mesmo tempo sério e comprometido com causas humanitárias. Acho que é um dos melhores atores de TV que temo

    Gostaria de voltar a assistir McGavier, mas enquanto naum tenho este prazer, me divirto assitindo SG-1, o qual tenho verdadeira paixão.
    Além dos seriados, vale lembrar que ele fez também alguns filmes para TV, e Stargate (que deu origem a série), não gosto de vâ-lo interpretando papéis de vilão, mas tenho que dar o braço a torcer, porque ele os interpreta muito bem.
  • love him

    wow I miss him.. much as BEn Browder has done it right No one is RDA, wish he would come back at least now and then... a Appearence a real one all show for two episodes wouldn't take that long away from his famly and would mean so much to us fans
  • Who doesn't know Richard Dean Anderson, IF not for Stargate SG1, for MacGyver.

    Who doesn't know Richard Dean Anderson, IF not for Stargate SG1, for MacGyver. HE is a great and succesfull actor, a model to everyone, and a nature lover. HE is among a few that did not slag after a succesfull television series and continued with troumendos success. His acting is absolutely brilliant and his charm, charisma and looks(even thow he is kindda old) give him a n even bigger fan base. His Hollywood movies really do him a lot of good, being able to play a variety of roles(a great example is the contrast between General Jonathan 'Jack' O'Neill and Angus MacGyver, the first being a special ops officer with field experience and a week mind for science and the latter, a special agent that hates guns and uses his WITS to solve any given problem). All in all my favorite actor on tv and I am so so so sad he left the cast for STARGATE SG-1.
  • He\'s just so absolutely HOT

    Richard Dean Anderson is one of my favourite actors. What a perfect hunk of male man. I remember him in MacGyver, 7 Brides for 7 Brothers and now SG1. I am going to miss not watching him in Season 9. Thank god I went out and bought Seasons 1 - 7. I am now waiting for Season 8 to come out in our stores here in Australia. Apparently it\'s popular. He made the show what it is with his funny one-liners and just his good looks.
    Will miss him very very very much.
  • I find not having richard dean anderson on the show, has almost killed it for me, not the same, it looses the real feelings of the show

    Great show, not the same without Jack, he brought humour warmth and something that made it believable, may not watch any more, also miss the general, he also added a reality to the show, this series will not last without them.
    Even th regulars don't seem to relate the same without them, good luck
  • I love Stargate SG1 because of Richard Dean Anderson. I think for season 9 I might not watch it it is not the same without Jack O'Neil. I am very very dissapointed to see he has left the show

    I love Stargate SG1 because of Richard Dean Anderson. I think for season 9 I might not watch it it is not the same without Jack O'Neil. I am very very dissapointed to see he has left the show. I hope that for the second half of the season he would return
  • Not only is Richard Dean Anderson a great actor, he is also a friend of the environment. I think that his work with different environmental agencies is his greatest role to date. I miss seeing him on Stargate, but I admire him for his dedication to family

    How much better can it get? He has been in two of my all time favorite shows: MacGyver, and Stargate SG-1. Many actors seem to go from role to role playing similar characters, but Richard Dean Andeson has always played a varied group of roles. From General Hospital, to MacGyver, on to Nicademus Legend, and Finally to General Jack O\'Neill. I have seen him in just about everything he has done with the exception of General Hospital. I love MacGyver and Stargate. I am glad that MacGyver is finally coming out on DVD.

    His two greatest roles seem to be the ones he loves most. Father, and Environmental activist. I greatly admire this in him. They truly are the two most important things on this earth. All children need a hands on father, and this Earth needs as many advocates as it can get.

    I only hope that we will see more people like Richard Dean Anderson, both in the Acting community, and the community at large. You don\'t need to be famous to be a good parent or to be a friend to Mother Earth.
  • What will Stargate be whitout jack?

    THIS SUX i want jack back. i hate to se this other guy in rda's place. i hate the fact i won't be able to see him every week.

    RDA is a person whom is good both in Stargate, General Hospital and McGyver. This is om of my all time favurites.
  • No more Jack on Stargate?

    Richard Dean Anderson is very talented and funny actory that will be greatly missed now that he's not on Stargat SG1 anymore. Although Ben is doing a great job filling his shoes no one could ever replace Jack O'Neill on SG 1. I started watching Stargate few mounths ago and I have already seen every episode and during that time I have come to love and admire Jack O'Neill. His clear sence of humour, loyality and mischief will be missed. Hopefully he will be a regular gues visit on the show or return as a star very much like Shanks did.
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