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  • PERFECT!!!!! I lighten up whenever I watch him

    My Dream Guy....
    One can see from the way his series succeed how gr8 he actually is... I mean first the famous Mcgyver.. then the longest sci fi series ever and in my opinion the greatest too. without him stargate sg1 just isn't the same... he added an extra something... even when he didn't have much text he was the most important one in the episode... his looks are just charming and then ofcors his SMILE just perfect... this half lips closing... he just looks amazing and he always plays the protector's roel who's the hero of each day and modest too... i rally love the way he acts... when he's playing dumb and just makes jokes out of the blue but at the same time he really makes all the difference... I wish to find my real life O'Neill... with the same character, appearence and SMILE
    Way To Go Rick =D =D =D