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      Conspiracy Theory (1997) $5,000,000 Assassins (1995) $12,000,000 Radio Flyer (1992) $5,000,000 Superman (1978) $1,000,000

    • Richard has a preference for using long shots of characters in films, rather than close-ups as most directors do.

    • Richard's movie Radio Flyer (1992), a fantasy film which features an abused boy building a flying wagon to escape his abusive stepfather, flopped because of the critical response to it, saying that the boy's escape implied he committed suicide, something Richard denies.

    • Richard's cast and crew on The Goonies (1985) played a practical joke on him. They all acted very indifferent and detached towards him during the last week of filming, and after filming, Richard was sidelined from going home by an over-talkative neighbor for most of the day. When he finally got there, the cast and crew greeted him with a surprise party with Steven Spielberg, the producer, present.

    • Richard has several souvenirs from his directing The Goonies (1985) including a model of the pirate ship and One-Eyed Willie's head.

    • Richard's footage for Superman II (1980) is to be released on a a special edition DVD in November 2006. It will feature the original beginning and ending that he shot, as well as never-shown footage of Marlon Brando in scenes as Jor-El. Richard filmed 80 percent of the movie before being fired and it is this footage that will be restored on the "Superman II: The Richard Donner Director's Cut" DVD.

    • Richard worked as a lab assistant and a truck driver before getting involved in film.

    • Richard did voice-overs for television shows and commercials before becoming a director.

    • Richard was nominated for the Saturn Award for Best Director for Superman (1978).

    • Richard's grandfather owned a movie theatre when he was a boy, and he spent many hours watching films, which led to his future career choice of being a director.

    • Richard's films often feature free-falling stunts.

    • Richard prefers to shoot actors from the waist or below, to give an impression of looking up at the actors.

    • Richard frequently makes uncredited cameos in his movies, a habit Alfred Hitchcock had as well.

    • Richard's cousin Steve Kahan is an actor, who played the policeman following Otis in "Superman" (1978) and played Captain Ed Murphy in all the "Lethal Weapon" movies, also directed by Donner.

    • Richard was fired during production from "Superman II" by the producers, Alexander and Ilya Salkind. This move resulted in Margot Kidder's refusal to work full-time later on the sequels, Gene Hackman refusing to film any new scenes with Donner's replacement, Richard Lester, and Marlon Brando demanding that no scenes filmed with him be used in the movie.

    • Richard co-owns The Donners' Production Company, with his wife Lauren Shuler-Donner.

    • (2006) Richard was announced at the San Diego Comics Convention to be a future co-writer on DC Comics' "Superman" title.

    • Richard told of how difficult Marlon Brando was in filming his scenes as Jor-El in "Superman" (1978) in that Brando tried staying off-camera as much as possible. One excuse Brando gave was "Why don't you just film a green bagel and I'll provide the voice. People don't know what Kryptonians are supposed to look like, any way."

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    • (in regards to Unsworth's inventing the photography process for the flying scenes in "Superman")
      Richard Donner: If it hadn't been for Geoffrey Unsworth, we wouldn't have had a movie.