Richard Fleeshman

Richard Fleeshman


6/8/1989, Warrington, Cheshire, UK

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Richard Jonathan Fleeshman


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Both of Richard's parents were in the acting business and it seemed inevitable that Richard would follow in their footsteps. His dad, David, was an actor and director while his mum, Sue, starred in Brookside and Coronation Street -- where Richard later made a name for himself too.…more


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    • Richard: I trust my mum with anything. If I have a problem, my mum is always the first person I go to.

    • Richard: The Goth character was a difficult thing to get my head round. I'm not really a fan of Goth music. I'm more a piano and guitar man - that's what I love.

    • Richard Fleeshman: I'm quite looking forward to the fact that people know me as Richard rather than Craig.

    • Richard: I play piano and guitar and I do write my own stuff so to a certain extent I know what I want to do in regards to music. But I'm still finding out what kind of music is my favourite kind to listen to, never mind do myself so I've got a lot of time to find out myself and develop myself as an artist.

    • Richard: I think I'd probably go out in a skirt and walk around Harvey Nicks in Manchester randomly trying things on.

    • Richard: I've never really been star struck. I was a little bit taken aback when I was doing a chat show recently and I was sat in the make-up chair chatting to a guy say next to me but I couldn't look round and see who it was, it was only when I got up I realised it had been Bryan Adams I'd been talking to!

    • Richard:I love Danny Baldwin – I think he's a great character, but Bradley Walsh is also very funny, a great practical joker on the set and in the green room and great fun to have around.

    • Richard: I hate Marmite.

    • Richard: It was great as an actor to be given the story line I was given but I didn't expect Craig to stay so it was a lovely twist when I found out they'd decided to keep him.

    • Richard: I've never been out with any of the cast of Coronation Street. We're all very close friends so it's very much a professional attitude.

    • Richard: I'm not really into gothic music, it's not really my type of scene but each to their own. I listen to pretty much anything.

    • "It still hasn't sunk in that I'm going to be in Coronation Street. Everything about the role is brilliant and I'm working with some great people."

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  • Richard Fleeshman Online

    It has been an exciting few years for Richard, working on Coronation Street, and Soapstar Superstar. This year Richard has been writing his debut album which is out in November called 'Neon'. The lead single is called 'Coming Down' and it's out November 19th.

    The album was recorded at Kensaltown studios and it has a very live feel. It's difficult to pigeon hole the album. The music is very blues and rock influenced and has quite an acoustic sound. You can hear the first single now on Myspace as well as being kept up to date with TV appearances and tour-dates etc.;

    Richard Fleeshman also has his own Facebook and Bebo pages, check them out too:
  • georgeos the fittest of the fit!!!

    love him to pieces !!! so glaed hes not a goth anymore in corrie !!!!! its my dream to meet him !!!! hes absaloutly georgeos!!!! he has the best voice ever an audience with corrintion street was brilliant because of him i love all wat he has done for the kirsty appeall!!! wish i could have him come sing for me at all my birthday partys !!!!!!!!! i have dreams about him every night !!!! and they are the best ever !!!!! his laugh is amazin no wait everything abouy him is amazin love ya to pieces your my hero!!!! and always will be!!!!moreless