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  • Trivia

    • Richard is now currently reprising his role as Mike Yates with Tom Baker's Doctor for the Hornet's Nest audio series.

    • Richard has done a recording of the Doctor Who audio novel The Magician's Oath.

    • Richard recently recorded an audio novel of the Doctor Who serial, The Mind Of Evil.

    • In 2007 Richard provided a commentary for the Doctor Who serial Planet Of The Spiders, which has yet to be released on DVD.

    • In a 2008 poll with SFX Magazine, Richard's Doctor Who character, Captain Mike Yates came in at Number 6 for Worst Companion.

    • In 1993 Richard returned to the location used for filming the 1971 serial The Daemons with Jon Pertwee, Nicholas Courtney and John Levene to film the documentary Return To Devil's End.

    • Richard appeared on the cover of the February 1993 issue of Doctor Who Magazine along with Jon Pertwee, Nicholas Courtney and John Levine.

    • Richard provided a commentary with Barry Letts and Katy Manning for the release of The Claws Of Axos in 2005.

    • Richard filmed a role playing the Dean in the 2007 film Chemical Wedding.

    • Richard reprised his role as Mike Yates for the 1993 charity Doctor Who special, Dimensions In Time.

    • He is a Member of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (Credit Psychology).

    • He admits to being a reasonable French speaker and having a good French accent.

    • He can sing baritone and bass.

    • He lists his hobbies as golf, tennis, arts and crafts, music, walking, antiques, fresh food and fresh air.

    • He played the role of Harrison Howell in Kiss Me Kate in 1996.

    • He played Lord Brook in Finborough Theatre's Lucifer Saved in 2007.

    • He played Colonel Nasgard in the I, Davros audio novel Innocence in 2006 for Big Finish.

    • He is left-handed.

    • He wasn't the first choice of Director Barry Letts to play Captain Mike Yates. However when Ian Marter couldn't commit to a full season, Letts went with Franklin whom he has recently seen in a play on the West End.

    • He runs his own production company - Richard Franklin Productions.

    • He is a Lecturer for Drama at the Academy of Creative Training in Brighton.

    • His play The Cage won the Edinburgh Festival's Spirit of the Fringe Award in 1993.

    • For his audition piece in the role of Yates, Richard Franklin enacted a scene written by Barry letts where he and Jo faced off with the Devil in a church. The scene was expanded into the episode The Daemons later in the series.

    • Prior to acting, Richard Franklin was in the army and found his military experience helpful when playing the character of Captain Mike Yates in Doctor Who.

    • He is an openly gay actor.

    • He wrote and directed a sketch called Recall UNIT: The Great Tea Bag Mystery which also featured his fellow Doctor Who cast mate John Levine (Benton).

    • He originally had a career in advertising before he became an actor.

    • He was a candidate in the United Kingdom General Election in 2005 in Hove for the Silent Majority Party.

    • He released an audio novel in 2002 called The Killing Stone about his Doctor Who character Mike Yates. An interview with the actor can also be found on the CD.

  • Quotes

    • Richard Franklin: (on returning for Dimensions In Time): The script was fun, but totally incomprehensible. I couldn't understand a word of it. I saw that again recently and it seemed to me that Mike Yates could ride again. I think I could put on the Captain's uniform and do it again.

    • (On acting)
      Richard Franklin: An actor is like a balloon, nothing, no one, until someone else breathes air into him. He is dependent upon the writer, the director and the lesser members of the cast who support their star on his or her imaginary pinnacle.

    • (On playing Mike Yates in Doctor Who)
      Richard Franklin: I loved playing Mike Yates but there were times when I felt the character could go a lot further.

    • (On returning in The Five Doctors)
      Richard Franklin: They'd written me about five lines in a nice little scene with Caroline John. That was the first time I'd met her, because we hadn't worked together before. I was delighted to do that.