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Richard Gunn

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Richard Neal
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Richard graduated with honors from the University of California, Santa Cruz. After graduation, he moved to LA to pursue an acting career. For four seasons he had supporting roles with Shakespeare Santa Cruz. Which is a professional repertory theater company in Santa Cruz County. He played the roles…more


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    • Richard: (What makes him insecure) What makes me so nervous is approaching and trying to talk to women who I'd like to get to know. I have trouble if it's me who's doing the instigating. It's embarrassing- I'll start staring, and they'll think I'm a weirdo. Some people are really good at [breaking the ice.] Or they just have confidence and don't seem to care how the other person perceived them. I don't know what the fear is that makes me feel insecure.

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    i remember seeing him on DARK ANGEL he was so oo o oo oo cool and really great wow he looks so different but i guess you kind of expect actors to change over the years in DARK ANGEL he had the most random lines to say and from his character i got most of the words that i use in my every day vocabulary i just found him a very talented actor and really funny and just totally awesome he reminds me of oe of my friends who is just like his character sketchy when i saw him i just went wow this is really himmoreless