Richard Hatch (II)

Richard Hatch (II)


4/8/1961, Newport, Rhode Island

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  • Richard Hatch on The Apprentice.
  • Richard Hatch on Season 11 of The Appren...
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    • Richard: There are 1300-plus inmates who think they know me, so it's an interesting experience. They all have questions - want to know what this experience is like and what Survivor was about.

      - Richard talks about his life in prison.

    • Richard: I'm doing lots of in-take stuff, like clothing and getting to know the place… but I don't think I will adjust to any of this until I can prove I was unethically prosecuted.

      - Richard has trouble adjusting to life in prison.

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  • A total and arrogant jerk!

    I thought that Richard should had gone first and foremost

    Because he was just a total jerk to everybody not just

    In Borneo but definately in All-Stars! He should had learned a lesson and that you don't mess with the feds!

    Now he has to pay four years in federal lockdown for not paying his taxes to Uncle Sam!

    Let's hope he can "survivor" prison!
  • Jackass

    You got more than 1 million dollars, what's your problem that you can't pay a bit? If you are so impatient that you can't wait months to spend it, why are you even bothering complaining? The case is already won. Take it from dnr928, Richard Hatch is a

    major jackass.

    Go to hell, or at least prison for the 7 years you face and dang well better get sentenced to you.