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  • A total and arrogant jerk!

    I thought that Richard should had gone first and foremost
    Because he was just a total jerk to everybody not just
    In Borneo but definately in All-Stars! He should had learned a lesson and that you don't mess with the feds!
    Now he has to pay four years in federal lockdown for not paying his taxes to Uncle Sam!
    Let's hope he can "survivor" prison!
  • Jackass

    You got more than 1 million dollars, what's your problem that you can't pay a bit? If you are so impatient that you can't wait months to spend it, why are you even bothering complaining? The case is already won. Take it from dnr928, Richard Hatch is a
    major jackass.

    Go to hell, or at least prison for the 7 years you face and dang well better get sentenced to you.
  • Richard Hatch is my personal favorite among all Survivor contestants.

    What would Survivor be without the Godfather? I mean come on, the guy was ruthless, funny, shocking, and caring all in one.
    Richard Hatch is my personal favorite among all Survivor contestants. He was just so fun to watch. I mean not only did he form "THE" alliance in Survivor, but he also made me burst into laughter.
    When the contestants first heard the word alliance they burst into fear and apprehension. But once Hatch formed the foundation and stepping stone of the word alliance, it is now almost a necessity to become as ruthless as he if you want to win this game.
    His smarts helped think of eliminating Pagong. His smarts helped think of getting rid of Jenna through Sean's alphabet system style of voting, and his smarts made him a damn good talker when answering the Jury's final questions on the very last episode of Borneo.
    When Hatch entered Survivor All-Stars he almost caused the other contestants to fear him and to worry about what he was capable of and how good he was at the game. That is why they eliminated him quickly- to get rid of the master, to get rid of the tyrant, to eliminate the Godfather of Survivor.