Richard Horvitz

Richard Horvitz


7/29/1966, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Richard Horovitz, Richard S. Horvitz, Jake Cole Wyatt, Turbo, Richard Steven Horvitz, Richard Wood, Richard Horvitz
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Richard Horvitz was born in Los Angeles California in the summer of 1966. He began acting professionally at the age of 10. As a child he appeared in numerous stage productions. Among the most notable, the musical Oliver starring Dick Shawn and Stubby Kaye. Also as a child…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Richard Horvitz is nothing except unique. His voice does all his talking, and it does his talking very well! :idea:

    Some people are known distinctly for their voices. Mel Blanc was known for his voice. Actually 1,000 of them! That of course was nothing short of amazing! June Foray is known for her voice either as an old lady type or as a young boy type. Frank Welker is known for his many animal voices as well as the voice of Fred in "Scooby-Doo." Casey Kasem is known for his radio-D.J.-like voice most notably co-starring with a certain famous canine, Maurice LaMarche is known for his world-conquering like voice, Cree Summer is known for her cool African-American voice, Carlos Alzraqui is known for his friendly demeanor voice, Mr. Lawrence is known for his world-domination grumpy voice, Adam West is known for his crazy person voice, and if Richard Horvitz was to be known for a voice, it would be a manic, crazed, immature kid-like voice! But for him, it's not a bad thing! He got to be Alpha V during the "Power Ranger's" glory days, he got to be Daggett on "The Angry Beavers," he got to be Billy on "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy," and now he gets to be Rodney on "Squirrel Boy." Some actors know when they've got a good thing going for them, and Richard Horvitz just happens to be one of those actors who enjoys voicing the role of manic, crazed, immature kid-like characters and the world of cartoons is a much better place because of it! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
  • WH0000T!!!

    very awesome man! THE main reason why i watch(ed) Zim,Billy and Mandy,and Angry Beavers! he gets to work with Grey,the greatest voice actress ever who voices or voiced Azula, Emily Elizabeth, Frankie Foster, Frida, Mandy, Sam Manson, Vicky, and Yumi, and a lot more.

    Anyway,he's the person that made me wanting to be a voice actress. that would be AWWESOME! follow ur dreams,i'm following mine after 6th,(this year) middle school, and high school! anyway,he plays really weird or gross people,that never really make any sense at all. i'm glad Billy West DIDN'T get to voice Zim because he was Fry from Futurama.moreless