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  • So few people nowadays know the name Richard Hunt. The man behind so many beloved characters that it's a shame kids of today probably won't know him. Hopefully they can start here.

    Probably the best known Richard Hunt muppet today is everyone's favorite guinea pig Beaker (now Steve Whitmire). It is a shame that it has (and probably will continue) to take so long for his others (like Go-fer Scooter and opera star Placido Flamingo) to rise into popularity, or even get a definite puppeteer. One of his characters to recently get a (hopefully permanent) new puppeteer, is valley girl Janice on Studio DC: Almost Live. With a new fraggle rock movie there's bound to be an appearance of one of his other puppets, Junior Gorg, who'll most likeley have a new voice and somewhat different personality. Junior, Janice, and Beaker might not have the same energy or amount of lines as before, but maybe someday "Children of Tomorrow" will know the name Richard Hunt. After all, he's just a dream away...
  • He was so beautiful and created so many wonderful muppet characters. Love you always Richard!!

    Responsible for so many cool muppets - such as Janice, Scooter and Sweetums. So sad that he become another victim of Aids. Also love the way he and Jerry Nelson worked together. I would keep going but I read somewhere he hated sentimental stuff so stop before i offend his spirit