Richard Hunt


Richard Hunt Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Richard Hunt attended Jim Henson's memorial where he opened the memorial with a speech, sang with his fellow Muppeteers including Simon Smith and his Dancing Bear with Frank Oz, and started with Scooter singing Just One Person.

    • Richard Hunt's main Muppet, Scooter the Go-fer, has been Muppeteered by his brother, Adam Hunt in the movie Muppets from Space.

    • The first person to recognize Richard was current Muppeteer David Rudman who figured out who he was at a party after having seen him on 60 Minutes.

    • Richard had a history of being very generous and would always try to pay the bill when going out to eat with friends.

    • Of all his Muppets, only Beaker and Statler currently have new Muppeteers. Scooter and Janice have talked again every now and then, but their Muppeteers have changed.

    • Richard Hunt is a big fan of Opera. It's interesting considering the fact that there have been multiple times he's sung Opera.

    • During the first season of The Muppet Show, Richard Hunt shared the character of Miss Piggy with muppeteer/director Frank Oz; however Oz ended up keeping the character up until his turn to directing.

  • Quotes

    • Hunt: I talked a lot like him (Scooter). 'Cause he's my voice (In Scooter's voice when I was younger like this!