Richard Ian Cox

Richard Ian Cox


10/3/1973, St. Asaph, Wales, United Kingdom

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Richard Ian Cox



Also Known As

Richard Cox
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In America, the animated works of mangaka Rumiko Takahashi, InuYasha and Ranma 1/2, have experienced a great deal of success. Part of this success can be attributed to the stunning voice work of Richard Cox. Cox has played the title character in both series. Not content to to…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Awesome dude! One of my favorites.

    Richard Cox in my mind is an awesome voice actor, and has lots of talent. He did Inuyasha's voice in Inuyasha, and he did Tall's voice in Gundam SEED. The only show I can recognize his voice from is Inuyasha. His voice is so cool. I liked it when Richard did the screaming, he hit it right on the mark! He did an excellent job on Inuyasha's voice, and Tall's voice. It would be cool if he can star in more favorite anime shows. I think that would be great, because his voice is irresistable, and he's very talented. Overall awesome guy, does the voices of many great characters, and sharp satire. I hope I can meet him someday!moreless
  • The coolest voice ive ever herd!!!

    The best work in my opinion is Inuyasha...i have every singel movie and/or episode of Inuyasha.The first name that comes to mind when some one says Inuyahsa is Richard Cox.He must be very talented to have worked on so many episodes and movies!!!It makes me laugh when ever i here his voice becuase its one of those voices you can never forget but you dont remmember (its alittel complicated) and then when you remmember later your just so happy becuase you know you still remmember...did u lose me(cause i think i lost myself lol)???All the rest i can do is a review...Richard Cox rocks,hes very talented,and you'll never forget him!!!HOW COOL IS THAT!!!moreless