Richard Kahan

Richard Kahan


5/15/1980, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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Richard Michael Kahan


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Richard Kahan was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada. He started acting at an early age in local theatre productions but quickly realised that he wanted to be in front of a camera. When he turned eighteen, he loaded up his car and drove to Vancouver, British Columbia…more


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    • Richard: (This was Richard's response to the question: If not acting...?) There has never been another option; no plan B. TV and movies were always it for me. I tell people I get rejected for a living but I'm doing what I want to do so I can't complain.

    • Richard: (Describes challenges for his character in The 4400) There are a lot of things that continue to challenge me. On the simplest level, just the sheer amount of dialogue that is thrown at me, the technical dialogue that I am constantly having to say and memorize, so that's a constant challenge. It's something that I enjoy, and it's something that hopefully I am getting better at, but it's definitely a challenge. A lot of times, they've really been great at developing who Marco is as a person. But, a lot of times, my character's purpose on the show, or in certain scenes, is to receive or give information or sort of catch people up. So, it's always challenging how do I as an actor deliver information essentially, but in an interesting way and hopefully in a way that is true to who Marco is. Physically, mentally, where he started and where he is now, how do you give information as Marco. That's always something that is challenging for me that I am sort of fighting with and trying to work on. Then just keeping the relationship from season one to season four with the other characters accurate.

    • Richard: (Describes expectations of his character in the fourth season of The 4400) In season three he had a short lived but exciting romance with Diana. Now it is back to business as usual for them so season four I think it's really Marco growing into his own. He is really looked at as the go-to guy for Tom and Diana and I think from season one to now they really trust him and know that they can really throw anything at him. He'll risk his job, which we've seen, he'll really do whatever he needs to do in order to help them out and more specifically to help out the bigger picture of what they are all working towards. I think it's just more development for Marco. I will say that we get to see Marco's apartment, which I was very excited about, we have never seen where he lives. I think that's a big part of who this character is and when you see his apartment it's very telling who Marco is. So, that was very exciting and that's going to happen in the later episodes. There is a lot of good stuff in store for Marco.

    • Richard:(Describes the third season of The 4400) I don't want to give away too much, I don't want to get myself in trouble, we ended last season with an episode called "50/50" which was basically this idea of Promicin being introduced to the world but you have a fifty percent chance at living and developing an ability and a fifty percent of dying with the shot. It was a big deal and season four, Promicin is definitely the big thing that is driving this season. NTAC, where my character Marco works, is working to get Promicin off of the street and Jordan Collier and his group are working to distribute it because in their mind it is part of the bigger picture, it's part of what the future had in mind when they took people and brought them back. Season four is really exciting, it's really like these two sides facing off. It's not black and white, at least not to me, I think as a viewer it's hard to tell who is right and who is wrong, if someone is right and wrong, and where the real answers lie.

    • Richard: (If not acting...?) There has never been another option; no plan B. TV and movies were always it for me. I tell people I get rejected for a living but I'm doing what I want to do so I can't complain.