Richard Karn

Richard Karn


2/17/1956, Seattle, Washington, USA

Birth Name

Richard Karn Wilson



Also Known As

Kevin Dunn
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Richard Karn is famous for his incredible eight seasons as Al Borland on ABC's "Home Improvement," America's number-one family comedy, which is also popular worldwide. "Everywhere I go, it's incredible," he says. "People love our show, and they love Al -- I think because he is such an…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Lol he's so corny it's funny

    Ok, so when I was little my family used to always watch that show Home Improvement. Man, how I hated that show. I liked Tim Allen, but just not in this show as the jokes were corny. Richard Karn was just as bad. I breathed a sigh of relief when they finally had the series finale. I was like, "good, that Richard Karn was just the sidekick in that show, and he wasn't even that great of an actor anyway. I probably won't be seeing any of him probably ever again." Sure enough though,he comes back on the Family Feud, cornier than ever. I always try to catch that show at night so I can watch how bad of a host he is. It always gives me a good laugh, that's why I give him a semi-decent score, but that's just because I'm a nice guy.moreless
  • We all know Richard Karn as Al Borlin from the classic Home improvement. He also played several guest star roles.

    At near 50, I see Rich still having a ton of acting skills still imbedded. He is now the host for Family Feud. However, that show is boring as is and really needs to be taken off the air. The only thing giving life to it is Richard who adds the variety, humor and suspense to the aged show. I really want to see Richard get an acting Role in some Comical new series or even a few comedy movies. He is after all Hillarious and is quite intelligent. It's sad to see such a good man have such few of roles on TV.moreless