Richard Keith (I)





12/1/1950 , Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

Birth Name

Keith Thibodeaux




Birth name: Keith Thibodeaux
Spouse: 'Kathy Denton Thibadoux'
One daughter: Tara
Where are they now: Presently manages a Christian dance group' "Ballet Magnificat" in Jackson, Mississippi
When Desi and Lucy saw Keith on T.V. they asked him to try out/ play the role of Little Ricky on the show I Love Lucy. By the age of 9 he was making $500 a week usually only making $300. He never really wanted to act, but when producers saw his drumming abilities they wanted him to play the role.
When his father got a job working at Desilu studios his family immediately moved to California. At the age of 15 his hollywood career ended. He was relieved when I Love Lucy ended. It had been a lot of pressure and a lot of memorizing.
Even now he keeps in touch with Desi Arnaz Jr. and with Lucie Arnaz, when Desi and Lucy were living they made him a part of their family even off the screen, making him a frequent house guest.
He wrote an autobiography called "Life After Lucy" about his life experiences.