Richard Kind

Richard Kind


11/22/1956, Trenton, New Jersey, USA

Birth Name

Richard J. Kind


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Richard Kind, best known for his numerous roles in comedy shows such as "Spin City," "Mad About You" and many other shows, was born in Trenton, New Jersey, USA on November 22, 1956. Richard performs in many theaters and he loves making animated movies, because he has a…more


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  • A comedy mastermind!

    He is funny in everything he's in! Richard is not like all other comedians. He can take the semi-funny words of the scripts and make them hilarious! As much as I love Bill Lawrence, "Spin City" had some forced laughs. But not with Richard. When the characters were discussing his ways of saving money, his character responded "Not money. Nine THOUSAND dollars!" The way that he said it, I was rolling on the floor. He is my favorite Scrubs guest star, which is saying a lot because that show has had a lot of good ones.

    Richard is charming, and I especially love his speaking voice. I rate him as "underused" because he should be in every scene of every show that he's on!moreless
  • Always plays funny characters

    Richard Kind is known for many roles, he played Paul on Spin City, had a recurring role on Still Standing, even made a guest appearance on Psych, and has provided the voice to a couple of characters in Disney/Pixar Movies.

    One reason I like Richard Kind so much, is he ability to add humor, no mater which character he plays, and normally he always plays comic characters, I don't know if its because his voice fits them, or that he is just really good at them.

    Whatever the reason Richard continues to make me laugh with each character he plays and gives a top notch performance every time.moreless