Richard Lynn Carpenter

Richard Lynn Carpenter


10/15/1946, New Haven, Connecticut

Birth Name

Richard Lynn Carpenter


Also Known As

Richard Carpenter
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Richard Lynn Carpenter was the first-born child of Harold and Agnes Carpenter. Richard learned to play piano at age 11 while growing up in New Haven, while his younger sister took up the drums. He moved to Downey, California with his parents and sister Karen in June 1963.…more

Trivia and Quotes

  • He needs to grow up. Moving on beyond this weird fixation with his sister would be a good idea as well. He\'s a very arrogant person who is quite full of himself. Hell, he always has been.moreless

    I can\'t think of much else to say beyond what I have already related. I think that he needs to expand his interests musically and stop looking for someone to record and produce who sounds like his sister did. That\'s very morbid on his part, and I think he is a very insecure person to keep doing this.

    He needs to stop this nonsense about being the long suffering, grieving brother/son and get on with his life. I wish he would also look into writting different things, and stop the over-issuing of their material- enough already! When is he going to get over the past?

    He also needs to become less self-absorbed. Perhaps therapy is in order.moreless