Richard Madeley





5/13/1956 , Romford Essex, England, UK

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Richard Madeley began his career as a journalist on local papers in Essex and east London, moving to BBC Radio Cumbria as a news producer and presenter then he moved onto television hosting game shows such as Runaway and Cluedo.

Richard was married once before but was very young at the time and then he moved onto working with ITV in 1982 with a female presenter her name was Judy Finnigan which is his now wife and although he is eight years younger than his wife the two have proved that age doesn't matter and have proved to be one of Britain's best loved couples.

While the two where working together for the first time doing a charity show called telethon the good people knew these two where loved by the viewing public and after that show Richard divorced his first wife and got married to Judy in 1986 then ITV gave them This Morning in 1988 which was from Liverpool's Albert Docks.

The magazine show 'This Morning' proved an instant success and eventually relocated to London in 1996. Attracting top celebrity guests, the show also caused controversy by featuring a group of nude guests from the Naturalist Foundation, conducting a testicular examination of a volunteer live on the show, and a televised gay wedding between two viewers.

Richard Madeley was wrongly accused of shoplifting wine in a Tesco superstore and it proved a hard time for Richard but his wife stood by him and the charges where dropped and Richard bounced back stronger than ever most notably at the National Television Awards.

Finally the 13 year show came to a end when the couple moved to channel four and moved into another ratings graveyard at 5pm and the show was simply called Richard and Judy and with guests like Bill and Hillary Clinton that show has also proved a ratings winner. The show has become so successful that the couple recently signed a further three year deal with the channel to continue working on the series.

Richard Madeley can be a rather punchy figure whilst conducting their interviews.

Richard was also voted in 100 Greatest TV Moments from Hell as he was impersonating Ali G.

Richard lives with his wife and their four children in which two are his in Hampstead, London.