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Richard Mulligan


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    • Actor/Director Ted Wass: (on Soap costar Richard Mulligan) "Richard's reactions would be much bigger, more outrageous than anything most of us had seen during rehearsal . . . I'd rather believe it was just that inspiration that took him. I feel kindly towards him. I loved Richard very much."

    • Richard:: (on his Soap fame) "The one thing about being recognized is...it deprives me of one of my basic tools as an actor, which is to go and watch people, and collect a walk and see an interaction. Now, when I look up, they're looking at me."
      Richard:: (pondering the possible end of Soap) "I will be sad to lose Skipper [Cathryn Damon] as an acting partner, and Teddy and Billy. But...it's not just acting. It's also people."