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    Richard Pryor was on of the best African-American actors who ever lived. He was so talented, he could tell people so many good things like no one else could. He is one of the greatest comedians ever! He was such a funny man. I think he is one of the best and funniest comedians ever! He had his own comedy movies making him even funnier. I think he is best remembered for all the comedy acts and gigs he did most of the time. It really did suck when he retired from acting in 1999. The most sad thing about his is when he died on December 2005 but he will be remembered forever!
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    Richard Pryor is a legendary comic. His ground-breaking take on America have been massively influential to later generations of comedians.

    His film work has been much more hit and miss. He had some classics, but he also had some real clunkers. His best remembered movies are probably just his live stand-up acts.

    The man had a crazy life, which made for some great laughs for us, even if it meant a great deal of pain for him.
  • Richard Pryor was the best stand-up comic!

    Richard Pryor was the best stand-up comic in the world. He was funny, original and talented. Although there are some funny comedians out there today, I don't think any of them will surpass Richard Pryor.

    The jokes Pryor used in his acts were always fresh. Every show he did featured new jokes. He was always funny and was never dull or boring. Pryor was the one who inspired great comics like Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock.

    Needless to say, I was deeply saddened by the death of Pryor and I'm sure many other people were, too. Although he may be gone, his legacy will forever remain.
  • He truly is original and sure is funny!

    Richard Pyorr was very funny. He could always make you laugh. I loved seeing him in Brewester's mllions. That was hilarious. Also he did not always have to say something to make you laugh. His eyes were enough. I believe Richard Pryor really came through Hollywood and established himself as the funniest man ever.
  • One of the funniest men to ever live...

    Richard Pryor was easily one of the funniest people to ever walk this Earth. His wry sense of humor and great storytelling were his best trademarks. Nobody could tell a joke like Richard could.

    Richard may have had a difficult life as a child, but I think that's what made him such a great comedian because movies and comedy helped him through the hard times he had to deal with. Richard did struggle for many years with drugs and he even set himself on fire in a suicide attempt, but he eventually cleaned up. Unfortunately in 1986, he was diagnosed with MS and gradually had to stop performing all together. Still his performance in Brewster's Millions is one of the best comedic performances on film. Richard could act so much with just his eyes and even that was funny.

    Sadly, Richard passed away on December 10th 2005 and took with him some of the best comedic material I have ever heard. However, it will live on through his many movies and through the comedians who were inspired by his great comedic talent.