Richard Pursel

Richard Pursel


9/17/1964, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

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Richard D. Pursel
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  • I am not to crazy about his writing.

    Don't get me wrong, I do like Mr. Pursel and I do have respect for him, UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE (looking at you, Mr. Enter). It is just that most of the episodes that I saw are kind of weak. I could have given him a lower rating, but because he helped with my favorite show and has been working hard, I will give him extra points for that.

    It pisses me off that people find it to be a crowing moment of awesome on TV tropes that Mr. Enter insulted this man, along with a few others. I believe that the editor needs to have a good slap in the face. There is nothing awesome about calling someone a disgrace to humanity, just because of their writing.

    Overrall, I like Mr. Pursel, but I am not crazy about his writing. It's not bad nor good, but it is okay writing. I also follow this man on Twitter.moreless