Richard Ruccolo

Richard Ruccolo


3/2/1972, Marlton, New Jersey, USA

Birth Name

Richard Robert Ruccolo



Also Known As

Rich Ruccolo
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Richard Robert Ruccolo was born on March 2, 1972, in Marlton, New Jersey. He first discovered his love of acting after he earned the lead role in his high school's production of Oklahoma! After school, he left for LA where he slept on a friend's sofa until he…more


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    • Richard: Film, by far, is harder. It's not just the hours are harder; Everything is harder about film.

    • Richard: You know, I always want to hear the story of somebody who, because I always joke that 'I wanted to be a doctor, but my parents pushed me into acting.' Because it was so opposite that. It's so funny. My father hated what I was doing. Hated it!

    • Richard: (on choosing a profession) Most importantly, [the thing to ask yourself is] 'Am I gonna have fun doing this? Is this gonna be a good experience?'... And if you're not happy, I mean what kind of life is that. I think that's one of the things [you need to strive for].

    • Richard: The paycheck [on TV] is great. It's the greatest job in Hollywood. TV is where it's at.

    • Richard: When I was playing football and when I was wrestling I hated being at practice. I hated it. And when I was at rehearsal I loved it. There was no other place I wanted to be.

    • Richard: (on the script of "All Over the Guy") I thought it was really interesting to see the script and it was not about stereotypes, not about disease, not about any of that, but just about a relationship.

    • Richard: Knowing that you're going to go in and you're going to read for a gay character for an actor that can be kind of threatening.

    • Richard: (on theatre, TV, and film) Actually I think all three of them are completely different animals. [Stage] is more akin to doing a sitcom. And episodic is more akin to film. So theater is to sitcom as episodic is to film.

    • Richard: (on doing an action film) I want to do something completely different from what I'm doing on TV. Get me a gun in my hand and I want to shoot people.