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  • Girl scouts troop 351 review of last night's show and evaluation of alcohol,drug and smoking promotion within the show and their opinion.

    Dear Richard,

    I am a junior girl scout from troop 351 in Bushkill,pa and I am working on my High on Life badge. One of the requirements for this badge is to watch 3 shows and determine if they promote alcohol, smoking, and drug use and then write to the producer to let them know how you feel. Last night, my mom(co-leader of troop) and the two of us watched your show and noticed that the whole show was about Homer wanting beer while Marge sat on the couch smoking. This is promoting alcohol and smoking by making it look cool. These habits are what the government and people in general are trying to give up. If this is what your show promotes then you should air it at 11pm when young kids who like cartoons are in bed. Can you try promoting not using alcohol,drugs, and smoking? Thank You, COURTNEYSHIFFLER IMANI GONZALEZmoreless