Richard Sanders

Richard Sanders


8/23/1940, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Birth Name

Richard Kinard Sanders



Also Known As

Richard Saunders
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Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in 1940, Sanders' career started as a young lad in 1950. He is a writer, producer and character actor on stage and screen who is best known for the television role he played in the late 70's and early 80's as the dedicated and…more


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    • Richard: (regarding the character Les Nessman) He was just a stickler for the rules. Everybody else was kind of laid back — certainly Tim [Reid] and Howard [Hesseman], you know, Venus Flytrap and Johnny Fever. He was like the straight arrow. He couldn't believe the station had become rock and roll from what it had been, and he always thought his job was the most important job at the station anyway, because he was in charge of news, sports, weather, traffic and farm reports

    • Richard: Les Nessman was a perfectionist who didn't know how to relate to people at all. He was a very serious guy, kind of a throwback

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