Richard Speight Jr.


Richard Speight Jr. Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Richard's father, Richard Sr., is the Marketing Department Writer for radio talk show host and financial expert Dave Ramsey. Richard's mother, Barbara, runs an antique shop.

    • Richard is mostly clean-shaven in his film and television roles (the exceptions to this being his roles in "Alias" and the movie "Love For Rent"), but when he can he prefers to sport a beard, or at least some sort of facial hair.

    • Richard publicly refers to his wife, Jaci, as a 'certified badass'.

    • In his younger days, Richard used to front a rock band called "Fugitive Pope".

    • Richard's wife Jaci is advertising executive, and she worked her way through school as a smokejumper.

    • Richard has written two published courtroom dramas, entitled "Desperate Justice" and "Triple Jeopardy". He has also written several inspirational short stories, including "The Pancake Man and Friends" series and "Fried Egg Sandwiches and Other Comforts of Home".

    • Richard's mother is called Barbara and his two older sisters are called Barby and Lindy. They are both married with children.

    • Richard's favourite childhood movie is "The Jerk".

    • Richard and his wife Jaci Hays were married on June 28th 2003. They met whilst filming his directorial debut, "North Beach", in which she plays a small but very important role.

    • Richard graduated from the University of Southern California.

    • Richard has done many commercial spots including Disney, Capital One, IBM and Pepsi.

  • Quotes

    • Richard Speight Jr.: I'm a facial hair kind of guy. I hate being clean shaven. Women buy shoes and change their hairdo. I grow a goatee. Flip sides of the same coin. Only difference is, women in leather pumps and a perm don't look homeless.