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Richard Whiteley

Richard Whiteley


12/28/1943, Bradofrd, Yorkshire, United Kingdom



Birth Name

John Richard Whitely



Also Known As

Ferret Man, Twice-Nightly Whiteley, Richard Whiteley
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John Richard Whiteley (often known as "Twice-Nightly Whiteley" as he often appeared on two shows in one night)was a British television presenter best known for presenting the long-running quiz show, Countdown. Before Countdown, he was a journalist for Yorkshire Television. His claim to fame was that he had…more


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  • While there is Countdown there will always be Richard.

    Richard Whiteley truly was a legend and one of the nicest people i have ever had the pleasure to switch on, he always brought a smile to your face with his quirky nature and over-the-top dress sense. I don't remember ever seeing him without a cheesy grin on his face, he had an everlasting enthusiasm and i think that was part of what drew people to Countdown in the first place. It was certainly what attracted me to the show and one of the main reasons i continue to watch it even after his death.

    Never a bad word was said about Richard and that's one of the reasons his death hit the nation so hard, it certainly knocked the wind out of my sails and it was apparent that the show would never be the same again. Who could possibly fill the shoes of such a beloved character with a heart as big as a mountain. No matter who hosts the show in the future i think it's safe to say that the memory of this great man will never be forgotten, while there is Countdown there will always be Richard.moreless