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  • Got where he is by riding other people\\\'s work.

    In the beginning, David Gerrold was approached to help Gene Roddenberry develop a new Star Trek series. David made many good contributions to the series including a Klingon crew member. But because of David\\\'s skills and competence, he was replaced by someone unintimidating... Rick Berman. Since then, Berman has been dependent on other writers, which completely makes sense as he was not a writer and didn\\\'t claim to be. But soon, he started getting involved in the story telling of Star Trek. He had arguments with the DS9 crew because he felt the story telling wasn\\\'t safe enough. He even went so far as to argue over Nog losing a leg, despite the fact that he would be fitted with a prosetic. His lack of talent was finally shown in Star Trek: Voyager, a network show that was created for nothing more than continuing the franchise. There was no continuity to ensure the show could be shown out of order in sindication. Instead of science, the show employed techno babble with deus ex machnia endings (despite the fact that Roddenberry hated that). Then he created Enterprise which had the same formula as Voyager despite taking place before TOS. It distanced itself from fans by not employing the Star Trek tag until the third season. The show got better in the forth season thanks to Manny Coto, but the ship was sunk.

    The original Star Trek was created with help of other Science Fiction writers. By putting Berman in charge, it shot itself in the foot. Lets hope, after Berman\\\'s gone, another Science Fiction writer takes the reins.