Rick DeJesus

Rick DeJesus


9/20/1983, Bucks County Pennsylvania

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Rick Anthony Dejesus born September 20, 1983 singer of Rock band Adelitas Way Born in Philadelphia, Pa currently living in Las Vegas, NV


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    • Rick: (posting a thank you for great response to his CD sales) First thing I wanna thank all my fans and friends. You guys are amazing and I wanna take the time to show you that you mean so much to me. I wanna shout out to my boys from the sick band Digital Summer, they hooked me up and support me so I support them. Larry Elyea - Huge! All I can say Mark Hornsboy- Hornsby - Huge! You're the man.

    • (When asked how his band got the name Adelita's Way)
      Rick: We took a road trip to LA for some work and our hotel there was not ready for us so our idiot friend was like 'let's check out Mexico, it's 45 minutes away' and 4 hours later we were getting arrested in Tiajuana Mexico and extorted by the cops. Haha they robbed us for all our money. We were so bummed out and I hid my money in my sock so we went to a bar called 'Adelita's' for some beers. When we were in there there was like 50 young beautiful women in there talkin' to old ass guys. One of the prettiest women I ever saw comes up to me and starts rubbin' my leg. She looks at me and says '50 bucks and I'm yours.' It made me sad. She was so pretty and anyone could sleep with her for 50 bucks. So I said, 'Why do you do this?' She said, 'It's the only I can live and support my family here in Mexico. You can't make money and I can't get into the USA.' It broke my heart and I wrote a song about a girl with no chance. It was called 'Adelita's Song.' The name stuck.

  • Rick was chosen to be a member of the troupe American Storm in the finale of Strip Search on VH-1.

    You catch a scent…the musky smell of warm male that makes you drink in a deep breath as Rick walks by. Sensation washes over you, skimming across the skin, sneaking into the core until you feel completely submersed and temporarily paralyzed.

    If chosen for his solo, you follow him to the stage in a daze. The touch of his hand as he leads you to the stage is more distracting than touching so much more on most men. And when he’s standing before you, you might think you had dreamed

    him to life, except the reality of Rick far surpasses most fantasies indulged!moreless