Rick (GAS)

Rick (GAS)

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  • He is creative person and is funny. He is not like the rest of the cast that has a thug or rock feel. His personality seems to be down to earth some one you can talk to easliy.moreless

    Rick ideas when it comes to interiors are great. He seems to tie the whole theme of the car together with his interiors. His ideas are never the same and he trys to give is interiors personality. Every time I am impressed with his work. As a characther on tv his personality is easy going down to earth. He is not like the others in the shop that have a thug or rockstar personality. Rick has his own personality that is flexiable and fits in with the rest of the cast. Although he seems more timid in some episodes in others he shines. He is also the youngest of the crew. So, give a little time Rick\'s tv personality will exceed the the talent he has for interiors.moreless