Rick Hawkins





Shreveport, Louisiana

Birth Name

Rick Hawkins



Hawkins began his TV career as a writer on the "Carol Burnett Show," winning an Emmy in 1978. He penned the "Gone With the Wind" sketch, noted by TV Guide as the longest recording laugh for a scripted comedy moment in TV history. Hawkins was on staff and wrote epsidodes for "Welcome Back, Kotter" and wrote and produced Rodney Dangerfield specials for ABC. He was a producer and writer for the children's series, "Punky Brewster" and then produced and wrote espisodes for "Mama's Family," ultimatley becoming Executive Producer for the last three seasons. Hawkins also Executive Produced the series "Major Dad," "Wayons Bros." and "Sister/Sister." He was the Executive Producer of "Carol Burnett's Showstoppers," the second highest rated show in the 2001 TV season. Hawkins has also penned the books for the musicals "Lunch" and "Say Goodnight."

Hawkins has been seven times Emmy nominated for his writing and was twice the winner of the Scott Newman Award. He is the father of four children, whom he considers his most outstanding productions.