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Rick Hearst


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  • 2015/03/02

    Full Episode

    S 2015 : Ep 20150302 - 3/2/15

    Ric asks Michael to admit that he's only suing custody of Avery to stick it to Sonny. Silas tells Ava she'll be sent back to Pentonville if she steps foot back to reclaim her baby. Ava starts to leave the hospital after seeing Carly holding Avery while watching the news. Elizabeth starts to open up to "Jake" about her feelings for him only to be interrupted by Commissioner Sloane. Nina is shocked at Franco's revelation that he began faking his psychotic break after the LSD wore off. Julian rips into Carlos for killing Ava, but says he can help him reclaim Port Charles. Kyle offers "Jake" a job with the PCPD, but it's to go undercover with the Jerome's.

  • 2015/02/24

    Full Episode

    S 2015 : Ep 20150224 - 2/24/15

  • Murder Most Fowl

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 8 - 11/8/10

    Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of an NYC subway worker found shot in Central Park. But, while investigating the murder they uncover the abduction of a young boy as well. The team must determine the motives behind the high stakes kidnapping in order to save the young boy's life.

  • Sight Unseen

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 5 - 11/2/00

    Prue becomes increasingly paranoid over attacks from the Triad, and the mysterious threat Belthazor poses. After the house is robbed, Prue is convinced the Triad is launching an attack, when the real culprit is more mortal than all three sisters realise.moreless
  • Just a Gigolo

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 8 - 10/3/99

    After saving a woman who was about to kill herself, Granger learns that she's being blackmailed by a male escort service she used. While she won't testify, she tells him that they pose as auto servicemen. Granger and Cruz convince Cory to let them work undercover. They find out that one of the men who work there has a record and convince him to introduce them to the boss. The boss gives them a job. Cruz learns that one of the guys wants to leave and open his own escort business. The woman who saved takes a liking to him so much that she is practically splurging on him. When the boss catches the guy who wants to leave, stealing the client list, he kills him. When Granger and Cruz can't get anything on the operation, Cory wants to pull the plug. But they convince her to be the next mark. She goes to the service center, hoping to snag the boss but the boss sends Granger instead. While having dinner, the woman who like Granger sees them and blows his cover. The guys then grab her and Cory and make her call Granger to come to her. Granger comes and they jump him but Cruz and Jamie save them.moreless
  • Till Death Do Us Part

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 21 - 4/12/98

    Pacific Blue tries to figure out why two robbers are holding up a chain of upscale clothing stores since the shops don't carry much cash. In actuality, the store robberies are a cover for Frank Kovac, the bodyguard of a prominent businessman (Rudy Rigas) who has ordered Frank to get back his soon-to-be-ex wife's diamond jewelry. Frank steals the necklace while the wife is shopping at the shop. But Rudy does not know that Frank and his wife plan to double-cross him so that they can run away together. When Linda Dominguez, Victor's fiancee, is killed during one of the store robberies, Victor defies department orders and pursues the killers himself. Though the killers are arrested as a result, Victor is suspended and Internal Affairs considers taking away his badge.moreless