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Rick Hilton

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Rick Hilton is the Chairman of Hilton & Hyland Real Estate. Hilton & Hyland is a residential brokerage firm, based in Los Angeles, that is an exclusive affiliate of Christie's Great Estates.

Rick Hilton, of the Hilton Hotel Family, has enjoyed a remarkable career and has…more


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  • He’s very rich.

    Rick Hilton has a lot of money. He is really rich. He is very, very rich. He has so much money he wastes it. Some of his excess money is wasted by giving it to his dim witted daughters. His daughters embarrass him and make him look foolish so he throws more money down that drain so PR people will put a spin on the two dullards’ activities and get people to believe they have some purpose in life.

    The money he paid people to raise his children, well that was just wasted, because whoever he hired to do that job obviously took the money and ran.

    Now he has paid a network to put on a show where his family can make fun of people that aren’t members of their family. He even paid them to let his wife host the show. Who knows how many years he’ll be flushing money down the toilet to get people forget about that!