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  • Brilliant!

    Such an engaging actor. He has such a broad and deep emotional spectrum without straying into overacting. Hoffman could read the maintenance manual for a Soviet tractor and he'd remain watchable and entertaining.

    You've been Litt up!
  • Get Litt

    There should definitely be more Lewis, he is very entertaining to watch. Great character!!!
  • Louis Litt is the soul of the show.

    I agree with everything anny13 wrote about Rick Hoffman's adept portrayal of him. It takes a great actor to play such a unique, multi-faceted character so well.
  • The hidden diamond

    Rick Hoffman s Character is by far the most developed and interesting on the show. His delicate balance between a true office jerk, a brilliant adversary,a generous warmhearted loving man, and a tender hurt child all of which he can turn on an off in a heartbeat. He has cultivated and developed this character to be who I think the most interesting on the show, and it isn't necessarily his script ,it's the actor. Good for you Mr Hoffman you add true class to the show.
  • RIck Hoffman perfect to cast as Joe Friday.

    I grew up as a Dragnet fan. I recently heard Rick Hoffman's voice on a TV show, and thought Joe Friday had been reincarnated. Then I saw Hoffman's uncanny facial resemblance. Not quite as tall, but the clean-cut features resemble Jack Webb enough for him to be cast, I think, in a remake of Dragnet. Perhaps a new Dragnet series? Hoffman fits perfectly. BTW any relation to Dustin?